Samsung officially announces ruggedized, business-oriented Galaxy Tab Active


Roughly a month ago we reported that Samsung had announced a new ruggedized tablet geared specifically for business appropriately called the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active. Today they have officially announced the tablet with a very detailed press release, revealing more information about Samsung’s upcoming device. As we knew before, the Tab Active features a shock-resistant body that is said to hold up after being dropped from as high as 1.2 meters and will be water and dust-resistant. It will also have a removable 4450 mAh battery that lasts up to 10 hours and will feature a ton of enhancements and apps geared towards business. The Galaxy Tab Active should be released by the end of the month and will come in WiFi and LTE-capable models.

You can pre-order this bad boy for $699 directly from Samsung.

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Motorola device, likely the DROID Turbo’s GSM version, arrives at the FCC


This fall, the Moto X and Moto G (2014) will not be the only handsets Motorola introduces. The company is expected to produce the Nexus 6 for Google and the DROID Turbo for Verizon. Today, a device arriving at the FCC had information attached to it that seems like the DROID Turbo will not be limited to Verizon’s network.

The bands supported by this device point to AT&T. If true, that would mean the DROID Turbo can be used on any GSM network. It just seems a little odd that a DROID device would end up on another network. When last year’s slew of DROID devices launched, Motorola made it clear that the brand was exclusive to Verizon. Has the deal been retracted a bit? We will have to wait and see.

Source: FCC
Via: Engadget, Droid Life

Toshiba shows off eyeglasses with embedded display


Most major manufacturers are jumping into the connected wearables market in some way or another, whether that’s with a smartwatch or virtual reality headsets. Toshiba is no exception, and they showed off a new pair of smart glasses at a trade show in Japan this week.

The glasses, called Toshiba Glass, work similarly to Google Glass, but there’s a small difference; there’s a small projector built into the side of the arm of the glasses, right behind the lens. The result is a pretty bulky, goofy looking device, but it’s reportedly quite a bit cheaper than Google Glass, so there’s an advantage. The project displays information on the lens of the glasses, which is then reflected onto the person’s eyes. Again, not quite as sophisticated as Google Glass, but pricing plays a big role here. Read more

ZTE launches the jumbo-sized Grand X Max on Cricket Wireless

ZTE grand X max

If you’re looking for an extremely large phone but don’t want to shell out the cash for something like Samsung’s Galaxy Note line, you may want to keep an eye on ZTE’s awkwardly named Grand X Max. The phablet device features a 6-inch, 720p display, along with a quad-core Snapdragon 200 and 1 GB of RAM. The other specs are pretty mid-range, including an 8 megapixel camera and 8 GB of internal storage, but the Max will launch at $200 off-contract for Cricket. Not a bad deal.

This is the second large phone that ZTE has announced for a US carrier this year, with the other being the ZTE ZMAX for T-Mobile and US Cellular. The Grand X Max beats out the ZMAX by a few inches, even though the rest of the hardware is slightly less powerful, but if you’re interested in picking up a ZTE phone for the holidays you’re going to have several new options.

Amazon will offer a new Washington Post application for Kindle tablets and other devices


About a year ago, Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos purchased the Washington Post, a national newspaper. Since that purchase, we haven’t seen any indication of Bezos crossing his newly owned newspaper publication and Amazon, but it looks like that might be changing in the near future.

Several employees of the Washington Post have been working on a new application for digital distribution or curated content, and it looks like the app is going to make its debut on Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets later this year. The app will offer photos and news stories to readers in a tablet-friendly format, probably similar to something like Flipboard. It sounds like Amazon is looking at making this exclusively a tablet app, though, so don’t expect a version for the Fire Phone or anything else when it first launches. Read more

Moto G (2014) review: The best budget Android phone just got better


When it comes to new phone releases, the flagships always seem to get most of the attention. However, the budget phones can have more of an impact since they appeal to a wider audience. Take the Moto G for instance. When it was introduced, the Moto X was getting all the attention because of its cool customizable features, but the Moto G became Motorola’s best selling smartphone of all time. Starting at $179 off contract, with a near stock Android experience, and a solid build quality, there wasn’t much not to love about the phone. It was as I called it in my review…..“finally a budget Android phone to get excited about.” Now Motorola is building upon that success with the all new Moto G for 2014. With a larger display, a better camera, new front-facing stereo speakers, an added microSD slot, and the same low price as the original, how can this not still be the best budget Android phone on the market?

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New Google+ lead David Besbris says it’s here to stay


It was automatically assumed that Google+ was doomed once Vic Gundotra announced his departure back in April, but there is a new sheriff in town and he says no way.

Shortly after Vic’s departure, VP of engineering at Google +, David Besbris, was announced as the new lead. He recently sat down with re/code and said that Google intends to continue its investment in the social network. Rumors of the team being scaled back are also unfounded since they opened new offices on the east side of Google’s Mountain View campus. In fact, the staff is bigger than ever.

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