More Proof Jelly Bean Is Almost Here For The Samsung Galaxy S III Smartphone: Another Build Leaks And Is Ready For Download


Those of you who don’t think the Samsung Galaxy S III Jelly Bean update isn’t on the way, we have additional proof that highlights the update is certainly due soon— very soon. After seeing one leak just a few weeks ago, version I9300XXDLI1 has leaked and brings with it Android 4.1.1. In addition, the latest version is dated from yesterday (September 3rd), which gives another indication that Sammy may be close to being done working out the kinks and start the process of rolling out the update for those who want all that buttery goodness.

One thing to keep in mind is the latest leaked update is made solely for the international model of the Galaxy S III (GT-I9300), so those of you who own a carrier-branded Galaxy S III will need to sit tight and wait for your wireless provider to push the update out to your device.

source: XDA

CyanogenMod Adds SMS Message Popups and Notification Shade Quick Reply Option

 The CyanogenMod team has recently merged a new feature into their Jelly Bean code called Quick Message, which displays a popup notification when you receive a text message. The popup includes the ability to reply from the popup, swipe to other messages, view the message in your SMS app, and dismiss the notification.

Quick Message was built by developer David van Tonder and added to CM10 nightlies a couple of days ago. Yesterday, van Tonder and CyanogenMod announced an update that adds a Quick Reply option to the SMS notification in Android’s notification shade. This option is only available if the Quick Message popup is disabled and if the message is a single SMS or a thread from the same sender. CyanogenMod says that the feature is still in progress, so there may be bugs, but if you’re installing nightlies, you’re used to that.

source: android police

Sony Releases Binary Files Required For AOSP Project

Google’s experimental AOSP project was announced last month, which promises to bring the latest open source Android to the Sony Xperia S. Sony seems to be following through on their part by releasing their closed-source binaries, which are required for this project to be viable. These binary files are essentially closed boxes of proprietary code (custom drivers, graphics firmware, etc.) which drive the Sony hardware specifically. Without these files, it would be nearly impossible to get an AOSP build working properly.

Sony has also stated their commitment to the innovation that open source brings, and says that these binaries should allow an AOSP build of Android to boot to the home screen. Of course, these files won’t be useful to the casual custom ROM fan until developers manage to make stable builds from them, but this is the first important step to getting a full-fledged AOSP build of Android running on the Xperia S.

Hit the source for the downloads.

source: sony

Rovio teases next Angry Birds game, ‘something PIG is coming’

Angry Birds for Android

Rovio’s Angry Birds franchise has proven itself to be a successful venture, and a new video suggests the developer could soon be expanding its portfolio. Titled ‘something PIG is coming’, the video shows a single bird being pounced upon by numerous little green pigs. It seems as though the tables have turned, this time putting the pigs in charge.

Actual gameplay isn’t shown, and a release date wasn’t mentioned. Although, if you’re the anxious type, you can check out the official video after the break.
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Leak shows US Cellular ready to release LG Splendor

Sources scouring the LG US web site stumbled upon some product information for a new LG smartphone. Dubbed the LG Splendor, the model number is US730. The information was found on the support pages of the LG US site and included some product images and specifications. No news on a release date or the cost for the device. The pages have since been taken down.

The LG Splendor is similar to the LG Optimus L7. Equipped with an 800×480, 4.3-inch screen, a 1GHz cpu, and 2GB of built-in memory, the new phone will come loaded with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

source: Unwired View

UK carrier O2 refuses to release Android 4.0 update for trio of Sony devices

Late last week, UK wireless carrier O2 announced via their company blog that they had decided to not rollout an update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich for a trio of Sony smartphones. O2 indicated they had conducted extensive testing of ICS on the devices and determined the impact on the phones’ speed and performance would lead to a negative user experience. The devices impacted are the Sony Xperia Ray, Sony Xperia Arc and Sony Xperia Neo. Amidst claims of putting customers first, O2 indicates they will keep the devices on Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

source: O2

Samsung Rumored To Have 3 Devices On The Way: The Galaxy S III Mini, Galaxy S II Plus And Galaxy Premier Smartphones


While Samsung has the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II  as its heavyweights for 2012, it has plans on bringing in more players to the fight as well. Reports of no less than 3 Samsung smartphones have now surfaced: the Galaxy S III Mini, Galaxy S II Plus, and Galaxy Premier. First thing’s first— the Galaxy S III Mini is expected to go toe-to-toe with Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5, but be priced significantly less at €250. Upon its release this year, it will feature a 5-megapixel camera, dual-core processor and a 4.0-inch Super AMOLED display. The Galaxy S II Plus on the other hand will feature a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, 1GHz single-core processor, an 8-megapixel camera and have 16GB or 32GB variations. Finally, the Galaxy Premier looks to be the most appealing as it will be identical to the Galaxy S II Plus, but feature a 4.65-inch screen and Jelly Bean loaded up.

Of course these devices may be complete fiction, but Samsung has a notable history of releasing a boatload of devices in a calendar yet. If the above mentioned devices are indeed true, do any of you plan on grabbing one?

source: Android Guys

Additional Details For The Samsung Galaxy Stellar 4G LTE Smartphone On Verizon Leaks, All Signs Point To A September 6th Launch Date


While Sprint is quietly planning on launching a modest Samsung 4G LTE smartphone sometime in the near-future, Verizon too also has plans on launching a simplified Samsung 4G LTE device on its network as well. According to a source courtesy of the Engadget team, the mysterious Samsung Galaxy Stellar 4G LTE smartphone is set to launch this Thursday, September 6th. The smartphone will have budget-line features such as a 1.2GHz dual-core CPU, 3.2MP rear camera + 1.3MP front-facing cam and 800 x 480 WVGA display. While it’s exciting that Ice Cream Sandwich is running the show, the real kicker is Samsung’s Starter Mode: which is a “new, simple way to interact Access apps and control device settings with ease”.

The device probably generate too much interest in terms of specs, but it is expected to have a rather attractive $100 price tag. We’ll see final details as the days lead up to the device’s launch this week.

source: Engadget

Details And Training Documents For Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE Leaked For Your Viewing Pleasure


We know that Sprint has certain Samsung 4G LTE smartphone on the way, but details have been scarce until now. Thanks to our friends at Android Central, we now know the specs of the Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE smartphone– and it certainly is a modest little mid-range device too. The Ice Cream Sandwich-powered device will feature noteworthy items such as a 1.2GHz Snapdragon S4 Lite chip, a 4-inch screen with 800 x 480 resolution,  4 gigs of ROM and a 5MP camera with 1.3MP front-facing camera. Sure the features are slightly dated, but hey— they’re still more than enough to get the job done.

While Samsung and Sprint are still mum on the actual device, we think we may have an idea of when the phone will be released. The gang at Android Central also obtained internal training documents have leaked highlighting Sprint reps will be training for a September release— which happens to coincide with the start of the Fall season. Those of you interested in checking out the training documents can hit the source link and see everything in all its glory.

source: Android Central

3G Nexus 7 to arrive in “about six weeks”

A new report claims ASUS is preparing to launch a 3G version of its incredibly successful Nexus 7 tablet. A “very well-placed insider” has confirmed this is the case, and says that the company has already begun production on the new model.

“There’s not a huge amount to say… a 3G version of the Nexus 7 is coming, with no other hardware changes. Asus is currently ramping production in preparation for launch in around 6 weeks, with the exact launch date and territories still to be confirmed.”

As with anything unofficial, be sure to take it with a hefty grain of salt. It looks like we’ll just have to wait until ASUS comes out with the official word. In the meantime, be sure to check out our in-depth Nexus 7 review.

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