Microsoft giving unlimited OneDrive cloud storage to Office365 subscribers


Online cloud storage continues to get very competitive. We recently saw Dropbox increase their Pro subscription from 100 GB to 1TB, and now Microsoft it upping the ante by giving away unlimited storage on OneDrive for Office365 subscribers. Considering the starting price for an Office365 subscription goes for $6.99, it’s not a bad deal. OneDrive also offers automatic photo uploads too.

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Nextbit aims to sync Android app data across all your devices with Baton


Sure I love Android, but it doesn’t mean it’s free from faults. Take app syncing. This is one area I have been harping on for years. I don’t understand why Google hasn’t been able to sync app data properly between devices. It’s something Apple has figured out. You should be able to switch from your phone to your tablet and continue exactly where you left off within the same app.

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Wear apps on the Moto 360 not displayed correctly when language is set to German after 4.4W.2 update


The 4.4W.2 update started rolling last week, and it appears a pretty big bug was found on the Moto 360 by Albrecht Noll, developer of Android Wear Faces Creator. If the language is set to German, apps are displayed as if the Moto 360 is square, not round. We aren’t sure if any other languages are affected, but we do know that everything is working okay with English.

You can clearly see the issue from the image above and below. The left is when German is selected, and the right is when English is selected. The issue is not only affecting apps, but even the stock launcher as you can see in the image below.

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How to stop notification cards from covering your Android Wear watch face


Upon receiving the 4.4W.2 update on my G Watch, I noticed that notification cards weren’t appearing on my watch face anymore. Of course, I could still see them if I swiped up. The way I was expecting it to work was that the most recent notification card would appear over my watch face, but the update would now allow me to swipe down, thus removing it from my watch face, but not clearing it. I immediately posted on Google+, but nobody knew what was going on.

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New contender for world’s thinnest smartphone surfaces from Vivo


Industry watchers who pay attention to super-thin smartphones, and notably the record for world’s thinnest smartphone, know that Gionee has managed to hold the title for a while now. The current record holder is the Gionee Elfie S5.5 that measures only 5.5mm thick. A couple months ago rumors surfaced that Gionee was working on a successor, the G9005, that would bring the thickness down to only 4.9mm. Some new images posted to Weibo suggest Gionee may have some competition from Vivo in the near future. Read more

Samsung Galaxy A7 makes appearance on benchmark site


We have seen a few leaks surface for the Samsung Galaxy A7, but the latest appearance on the GFXBench benchmark site may provide some of the best information yet regarding the device. Unfortunately, one datapoint throws some confusion into the mix. Previous leaks showed the Galaxy A7 having a 5.5-inch screen. However, the entry in the GFXBench database lists the device as having a 5.2-inch display. We will have to wait to see what the final size it. Despite that bit of uncertainty, the rest of the specs look to be solid. Read more