New Samsung Experience Store Opens in Australia

by Dominick DeVito on

While the tech world has its sights set on the most talked about trial in tech history, Samsung just opened a new Samsung Experience store in Sydney, Australia.

Samsung’s being accused (by Apple) of being a copycat, but that is yet to be decided on by the jury. If there’s one way Samsung could, and should, copy Apple it would be in designing retail stores. After all Apple does have the most profitable retail business in the world, so that begs the question: why not copy them in this case?

Whatever you do Sammy, just don’t copy their TV ads!

Source: Samsung

Featured Play Store Newbie: Bobbit for Twitter [Social]

by Robert Nazarian on

I know there are a lot of Twitter apps out there, but here’s another one to throw into the mix. Bobbit for Twitter, created by Sparky Mobile, is a thematic live wallpaper that features your Twitter feed. Bobbit offers 6 different themes: city, night, show, forest, farm, and green. Each wallpaper features a scenery that many would find attractive even without the Twitter feed. Tweets are shown individually in a caption style along with a bird that flies in and out of your home screen. For example, in the city theme, the bird flies in and lands on a tree with each tweet. Tweets are displayed for about 5 seconds, then the bird flies off, and of course flies back with the very next tweet. If the tweet includes a link, you will see another bird flying overhead with a browser globe hanging by a rope. All you have to do is swipe down on the globe, and the link will open via your browser of choice.

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Droid World takes place this October in London with Free to attend Android workshops

by Robert Nazarian on

Apps World takes place October 2nd and 3rd in Earl’s Court 2, London and part of that will be what’s called Droid World. This is where leading Android developers, Google Android representatives, handset manufacturers and operators will deliver valuable developer advice via free workshops on ideas covering design, build, architecture, interface, and monetization issues. These workshops will be interactive in that attendees will be encouraged to suggest discussion topics, debate, and collaborate.

Ian Johnson, MD of Six Degrees who organized Apps World said “We are pleased to be offering this 2 day free to attend Android track at Apps World, we plan to cover a variety of issues across the Android ecosystem such as; monetisation, testing and security whilst also offering developers advice on PR and marketing their apps. Android is offering lots of new possibilities right now, with new evolving interfaces including voice and 3D, it’s great to see these exciting developers who are making it happen being brought together.”

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Another international Samsung Galaxy S III Jelly Bean build leaks ahead of next week’s Unpacked Event

by Robert Nazarian on
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As reported a couple of days ago, Samsung will release the Jelly Bean update for international Galaxy S III’s shortly after the Unpacked Event on August 29th. We already saw a build leak last week, but a second build just leaked. This build is XXDLH7, and obviously it should be more stable than the previous one. Although some are claiming that it might actually be the final build, we have no idea if that’s true. Most likely it isn’t, but if you want to give it a try, just hit up the source link below. Again, this is for the international version (GT-i9300) only.

source: xda

Korean Court Rules Samsung and Apple Violated Each Other’s Patents

by Dominick DeVito on
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The Seoul Central District Court in Korea has ruled that Samsung and Apple violated each other’s patents. The end result is that both companies are banned from selling the infringed devices in South Korea including the iPhone 4, iPad 2, the Samsung Galaxy S2, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Tab 10.1. Both companies were rewarded punitive damages.

Apple is accusing Samsung for creating consumer confusion and being a copycat. The judge noted despite similarities in physical design, the devices between the two companies have distinct logos, making it difficult for consumers to mix them up. In addition to logos, the judge also noted Samsung’s products differentiate from Apple’s with its three buttons in the front and differently adopted designs for the camera and sides. The judge also considered the fact that buyers look at other options when purchasing a new device such as price, brand, applications, services and operating systems.

The court ruled Apple violated two of Samsung’s wireless technology patents, while Samsung violated one of Apple’s for bounce-back technology. Apple must pay Samsung a punitive of $17,650 in damages for each violated patent, while Samsung must pay Apple $22,000 respectively.

Source: CNET

Samsung designers explain how the Galaxy S III was ‘inspired by nature’ [Video]

by Robert Nazarian on
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When Samsung introduced the Galaxy S III, they told us it was inspired by nature (not Apple), but what did they really mean? Most of us just made fun of the concept, but I always wondered what they meant. Well Samsung released a video explaining how they wanted a more emotional and stronger connection with their users. They thought that emotional satisfaction was more important than the actual technology.

Where did nature fit into the equation? Samsung designers found inspiration from different parts of the world. For example, designer Hangil Song noticed the harmony of the sky, the cityscape, and water at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. He wanted to “express the amazing aspect of the water that is about to overflow from the Galaxy S III’s window.” In this same trip, he also noticed pebbles under a stream that were sparkling under the sunlight. After that he spent a considerable amount of time trying to “capture the flow of water and the reflection of light into the design of the phone.” There’s plenty more so check out the five minute video after the break.


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LG Wants To Tease The Masses By Unveiling A Teaser Campaign Of Its New Snapdragon S4 Pro-Powered Smartphone

by Roy Alugbue on
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LG is certainly gearing up for something big on the way. After hearing wind of a flagship device featuring quad-core power on the way, LG is now doing its very best to generate hype and tease the tech world by releasing a teaser site. The site highlights a new LTE smartphone that will feature a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor with Adreno 320 graphics— which certainly seems to match up with what Qualcomm mentioned just the other day. There are no other details have been highlighted for now, but you can bet that we’ll hear additional news very soon.

All in all ladies and gentlemen, it’s looking more and more like LG wants consumers to know it will not only have a premium smartphone on the way, but perhaps the best smartphone of the year. Your move, Samsung?

source: LG
via: The Verge

Verizon Cable Spectrum Purchase Approved By FCC

by Ed Caggiani on
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Verizon’s $3.9 billion deal to acquire AWS spectrum licenses has now been approved by the FCC. Along with this approval also comes a few other interesting deals, including a spectrum swap with Leap Wireless and a transfer of some of the AWS holdings to T-Mobile. All Big Red needs to do is the following:

  • Verizon must complete the transfer of spectrum to T-Mobile within 45 days after the cable company deal has closed.
  • Within three years, they have to provide service to at least 30% of the areas covered by the new spectrum, and 70% within seven years.
  • Roaming agreements must remain in effect for five years in the newly-acquired spectrum coverage areas.

T-Mobile voiced their opposition about the Verizon/AWS deal early on, but with the later agreement with Verizon, both companies are getting some of what they want.

source: fcc

Angry Birds Space update hijacks NASA Curiosity Rover

by Jeff Causey on
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NASA and Rovio have enjoyed a nice working relationship on the Angry Birds Space version of the blockbuster hit game. With the popularity of the Mars Curiosity Rover, Rovio stepped things up and incorporated Curiosity into the game in a big way. Curiousity has a major role in the teaser video Rovio released for this latest update. It is also incorporated into the storyline which has the Piggies hijacking Curiosity to go in search of eggs. The changelog for the update released today indicates 20 new levels on the Red Planet are now available, new challenges like volcanoes and fiery asteroids have been added, and a new astronaut pig may be found. In a nod to NASA, information about real NASA missions can be accessed if you succeed in accessing some hidden levels.

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T-Mobile cancels Samsung Galaxy Note

by Jeff Causey on
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Earlier today, web surfers started noticing something odd about the Samsung Galaxy Note for T-Mobile. The intrigue began when the Galaxy Note’s status on the T-Mobile site started showing up as not available. Checking other sites resulted in similar dead-ends – “out of stock” on Wirefly, “Closeout” on Costco, and “Backordered” on Amazon Wireless.

As it turns out, T-Mobile does appear to be in the process of putting the Galaxy Note in “end of life” (EOL) status, with the projected final date around November 1st according to anonymous sources. This probably should not be a major surprise to potential buyers considering the Galaxy Note has been out for close to a year and the successor Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is poised for release.

Now T-Mobile users who are interested in one of Samsung’s Note devices need to hope T-Mobile is a little more on the ball in getting the Galaxy Note 2 into their pipeline.

source: Android Police