Word Lens Makes Its Debut In Upcoming Google Translate Update


Back in 2010, Quest Visual launched an incredible app designed to use the smartphone camera to translate written text in a foreign language to the device owner’s language in real-time. Word Lens Translator would blur out the foreign language text and would replace over it with the new text in a similar font and size. Read more

Shadownrun: Dragonfall – Director’s Cut available in the Play Store (tablets only)


Last year, Shadowrun Returns made its way to Android tablets. This year, another installment of the franchise is doing the same. Shadownrun: Dragonfall – Director’s Cut is now available in the Play Store and, again, it is only for tablets. Developer Harebrained Schemes has packed the game with new missions, alternate endings, fresh music, and a touch-based interface. The game is a role playing game (RPG) that has players going through the year 2054 in a cyberpunk era. Germany has been diffused and and the shadowrunners are tasked with battling multiple factions while awaiting the possible return of Dragon Feurschwinge.

The game costs $6.99, but the quality makes it worth the investment. Hit the break for the trailer, gallery, and download links.

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Toshiba’s Shared Board is a 24-inch display running Jelly Bean


Some products just require a simple question: what were they thinking? This time around it is Toshiba being asked the all-important question. The company introduced the Shared Board (TT301) that is technically a tablet, but the display is massive for the category. The 24-inch display will be placed on a stand or mounted somewhere because it is certainly too large for traditional tablet use.

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Meizu announcing new handset tomorrow for young consumers


Meizu will be turning its attention to “young people.” The company’s vice president Li Nan informed the public in an interview with ZOL that a “quality smartphone” for the younger crowd is on the way. Its announcement will come tomorrow (on December 8). Nan did confirm that MX Mini models are not what is coming because Meizu does not feel a smaller size is necessary at this time.

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[Deal] Get a Chromecast with $20 Google Play credit


Need another reason to purchase a Chromecast? Purchasing the $35 media stick through Google Play, Best Buy, or Amazon will include a $20 credit to the Play Store. The deadline to purchase the Chromecast is December 21 and the credit must be added to an account by January 31, 2015. Then, the $20 credit will remain available until January 31 of next year.

The code to activate the $20 Google Play credit should be emailed to customers the same day the Chromecast was ordered.

[Google Play Link] [Best Buy Link] [Amazon Link]

Flow Home tries to re-imagine the Android homescreen


Android developer Larva Labs is taking a stab at re-inventing the homescreen on Android devices with an interface called Flow Home. The idea behind Flow Home is to get rid of all the small icons and tapping and swiping users engage in when using an Android device. Instead, the Flow Home interface pulls information out of the apps and shows it right on the homescreen. Read more

Latest leak indicates more HTC Hima line devices to launch next year


After alleged specs for HTC’s next flagship smartphone surfaced a few days ago, including the codename Hima for the project, Twitter tipster @upleaks is back with information on several other devices HTC is working on. The devices include several variants in the Hima line of smartphones along with a new generation Butterfly smartphone for the Japanese market and a new HTC branded tablet. Read more

Action Launcher 3 on the way as a “paid upgrade”


A new version of Action Launcher is on the way, but this one will come at a cost even for existing owners of the app. Developer Chris Lacy announced on Google+ that Action Launcher 3 will be released as a “paid upgrade.” The new version includes Material Design and existing features are being revamped. Everything has been redone specifically for the update.

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