Amazon offering Galaxy S 5 with trade-in program


With the Samsung Galaxy S 5 going on sale tomorrow many will be wanting to get their hands on the device. Despite this, not everyone will be abel to afford it. If you want some extra cash to go towards the device, however, Amazon is offering the Galaxy S5 through their trade-in program.

Essentially the program allows users to be able to trade in their old phones for Amazon gift cards, which you can use to buy a new device such as Samsung‘s new flagship. Trade-ins aren’t just limited to phones, however. You can trade in almost anything for an Amazon gift card!

Amidst power struggle before Supreme Court, Aereo ready to release Chromecast support


Aereo, the TV service that uses a network of antennas to capture airwave television broadcasts that users can then watch on their computers and mobile devices, is ready to release Chromecast support for their Android app beginning May 29th. That could change though as Aereo’s service is currently being challenged by ABC who contends Aereo is violating copyright law by retransmitting the over-the-air broadcast signals. The case is before the Supreme Court.

Anyone can buy Google Glass on April 15 at 9am EST


For one day and one day only, Google Glass will be available for anyone in the United States to purchase. Initially, The Verge leaked Google’s plan to expand the Explorer Program with this promotion; therefore, Google made its plans official today rather than letting the news float around the internet. So Google has busted the doors wide open for absolutely anyone in the U.S. to gain access to Glass.

On Tuesday, April 15, people can head over to this page and purchase Glass. The cost is $1500 in addition to applicable taxes. And you have the choice of shades and frames. The page will be ready for orders at 9am EST or 6am PST, and Google does not intend on taking each and every order. At some point, they will have to start turning away prospective Explorers.

Source: +GoogleGlass
Via: The Verge

Google expands Android’s ‘Verify apps’ feature for security


Security is something very important these days. And Google is taking the extra step to give the massive amount of Android users it has safe. Android already has the ‘Verify apps’ feature. What this does is scans applications from outside sources and not from Google Play. But now, Google will make the ‘Verify apps’ feature continually scan your device for applications that are rather suspicious.

Chances are you will not ever be affected by a suspicious application, though. Google says “that fewer than 0.18% of installs in the last year occurred after someone received a warning that the app was potentially harmful.” So if you are downloading applications from somewhere other than the Play Store, just proceed with caution.

Source: Android Official Blog

More carriers add HTC One (M8) to retail locations starting today


When HTC announced the HTC One (M8) they also announced their latest flagship device would be available around the globe with more than 230 operators signed up to carry the smartphone. That far-ranging availability did not stop HTC from creating some initial scarcity for the phone by giving Verizon exclusive rights to carry the HTC One (M8) in their retail locations starting on the day of the announcement. In the U.S., if you were not a Verizon customer, you could still order the HTC One (M8) on-line and get it shipped to you. Customers with AT&T or Sprint now have the ability to get their hands on the device prior to making their purchase as Verizon’s exclusivity period draws to a close and these carriers have the device available in retail locations. T-Mobile is scheduled to have HTC’s newest device available starting tomorrow at their retail stores.

According to HTC’s original announcement, several other retail outlets should have the HTC One (M8) available for customers to try their hands on starting today, notably Best Buy. Not surprisingly, HTC is getting the HTC One (M8) onto retail sales floors just in time to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S 5 which will start selling tomorrow.

AU Optronics stake claim to world’s first Quad HD AMOLED display


Taiwanese company AU Optronics claims they have produced the world’s first Quad HD AMOLED display to be shown at the China Electronic Information Expo (CITE 2014) this week. According to AU Optronics, the new screen is 5.7-inches in size running at 2560 x 1440 resolution which produces 513 ppi. For comparison, the Oppo Find 7a will come with a 5.5-inch 538 ppi Quad HD screen and the Vivo Xplay 3S is currently selling with a 6-inch display running at 490 ppi. However, both of those units utilize LCD technology.

How to create perfect Video Highlights on the HTC One (M8)


Video Highlights is probably the coolest application that any Android manufacturer has ever come up with, at least in my humble opinion. HTC doesn’t promote it enough. Video Highlights first debuted with Sense 5 on the HTC One (M7), and has really matured with Sense 6 and the All New HTC One (M8).

If you’re not familiar with HTC’s Video Highlights feature, it will automatically produce a professionally looking video of various images, Zoes, and other videos. You can select content from certain events, locations, albums, dates, or even your starred favorites. Just take a look at the results from my vacation last year.

There are twelve themes to choose from that include their own unique effects and music. You can even use your own music files. Most videos will be 30 seconds in length, which is perfect for most events, but if you have a lot of content from your family vacation, you can extend it if you use your own music.

Samsung Galaxy S 5 repairability not looking so hot


We had a chance to see a teardown of the Galaxy S 5 last month, but we were still awaiting iFixit’s version. The previous teardown made it clear that the GS5 won’t be easy to repair, and iFixit agrees 100%. After a complete teardown, they concluded that the Galaxy S 5 is a 5 out of 10 for repairability.

The biggest issue is the display. Unfortunately it needs to be removed first in order to replace any part other than the battery. The display has a “significant amount of adhesive,” which makes it very difficult to remove without damaging it.

Survey shows that over 70 percent of people don’t want Glass due to privacy worries


Glass is having a rough go of it in regards to privacy concerns. There’s been a back and forth involving the worries that Glass violates the privacy of those around people wearing the tech. While there have been countless of stories involving the fact that, no, Glass does not actually violate privacy and isn’t always recording folk, people are still apprehensive. It’s only going to get worse.

In a study done by market research firm, Toluna, 72 percent of the American populace won’t be purchasing Google Glass because of privacy worries. They’re worried that there will be hacking, unwarranted photography and video filming and so on. While the initial buzz about Glass showed that people were genuinely interested in the product, its public presence has been a bit jaded as of late. With misconceptions by mainstream media furthering people’s apprehension, Google’s gone on the offense with a post showcasing everything Glass isn’t.

T-Mobile reduces LTE tablet pricing with Operation Tablet Freedom, free data too


T-Mobile is in the middle of a three day onslaught of big announcements that are likely to stir the pot. They are so good at it. Yesterday brought the Simple Starter Plan, which is perfect for those new to smartphones. Today, day 2, brings something entirely different….Operation Tablet Freedom. This program aims at getting you a tablet that goes “beyond the Wi-Fi zone.”

Traditionally, tablets with cellular connectivity are a lot more money than Wi-Fi-only versions, plus you have the added monthly cost for data. T-Mobile is eliminating both with Operation Tablet Freedom.

[Rumor] LG working on SoC that will enter mass production soon


LG is rumored to working on a homemade SoC that is based on the ARM architecture. Odin, as it’s being called, is rumored to come with four 2.2 GHz Cortex-A15s and four Cortex-A7s clocked at 1.7GHz. They will use a 28nm manufacturing process.

Rumors started back in the original Optimus G days but didn’t even make it into the G, G2, or G Pad 8.3. Even though it’s rumored to enter mass production soon, the SoC probably won’t be in the G3 either. LG looks to be having issues with the final design. It wanted to internalize the development and didn’t want to base the new SoC on Qualcomm Snapdragon processing that it was going to do initially. It’s rumored that LG wants to test out the concept on low-end devices first, rather than risk anything with the G3.

If rumors pan out, we may see a device packing the Odin SoC in the second half of the year.

source: ET News
via: Phone Arena

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff is now available in the Play Store

Family Guy 3

Fans of Family Guy — myself included — can rejoice in the freakin’ sweet news that Family Guy’s The Quest for Stuff is now available in the Play Store. Much like The Simpsons: Tapped Out, the game starts with the premise that after some shenanigans that destroys the entire town of Quahog you’re to rebuild the town, house by house — with hilarity along the way. Of course, like Tapped Out, you’re bombarded with in-app purchases with one of the quests being to purchase clams, the monetary unit that’s used to buy premium products and speed up building times. Some of the features include:

Sonos just got a lot better today


I thought it would never happen, but it did. Google Play Music is now partnering with the Sonos music system. Now Sonos users from around the world, in 25 countries, can stream directly to Sonos from within the Google Play Music app on devices or from the Sonos app.

If by chance you aren’t familiar with Sonos, it is probably the easiest way to stream music throughout your entire house. Wireless speakers are as low as $199, and they can be placed anywhere. Now with the addition of Google Play Music, you will have access to your entire 20,000 song library for streaming anywhere in your home.

This this a huge step for Google and could open up the doors for more media players like the Roku or Onkyo AVRs.

source: Sonos


LG G3 screenshot leaks, showing flatter UI


The upcoming LG G3 has had a few leaks, but really nothing compared to some other devices. Despite this, a screenshot of the device allegedly leaked today, showing off a flatter design and overall UI.

So far we know that the device will have a 5.5 inch qHD display, will be water resistant and dust-proof. A few other speculations are out there, but nothing really solid. This new leak adds new information to the growing list, and shows off what is supposed to be LG‘s new enhanced UI. The flat design follows the trend that’s being set by Apple and Samsung, and it will be interesting to see what other changes are made to the design.

Source: LGG3Kopen
Via: PhoneArena