The 5 best Android apps for drawing and sketching


Sketching on your smartphone or tablet has become a lot more popular over the last few years, especially for tablet owners. As such, a number of great sketching apps have been released, all of which are different from each other. But which one is the best one for you? We’ve compiled a list of some of the best sketch apps on the app store to help you decide. Hit the break to get started.

Google acquires Appetas, a restaurant website builder


With technology, the dining scene is basically dominated by Yelp. By purchasing Appetas, Google hopes to carve into the success Yelp has enjoyed. Appetas is a company that will build a website from the ground up for restaurants. They combine services from OpenTable and GrubHub to provide local businesses with a competitive site.

With this acquisition comes a takeover. Appetas will shutdown and the team will be absorbed by Google. Appetas intends on “working with our customers to transition their websites over to alternative platforms.” Kindly so, they will contact each and every customer to make the entire process go smoothly.

Source: Appetas

List of Samsung devices getting Android 4.4 update leaked


An internal document of Samsung devices that will be getting the Android 4.4 update has been leaked, showing some interesting choices. As can be seen by the image above, the list will feature the Galaxy SIII LTE, Galaxy S4 Mini, the Galaxy Grand 2, the Galaxy Mega 5.8, and the Galaxy Mega 6.3.

The list also confirms something which we hoped wouldn’t be the case – due to “unresolved problems” the international Galaxy SIII will not be getting the Android 4.4 KitKat update. This is likely due to issues implementing TouchWiz applications.

Godzilla: Strike Zone emerges in the Play Store for free


Before the film is released in theaters later this month, you can play the official mobile game for Godzilla. In the Play Store right now is Godzilla: Strike Zone. The description for the game says players will be tasked with rescuing people from the destruction left by the giant beast. So if you are brave enough to go against the one and only, go right ahead and download the game.

Hit the break for the gallery, trailer, and download links.

Vivo announces Xshot including 13MP camera with f/1.8 aperture


Today Vivo announced their newest high-end smartphone, the Vivo Xshot. The device is set to be very centered on the camera, as the name suggests. Despite previous rumors, the device does not come with a 24MP camera, but will instead feature a 13MP sensor made by Sony.

The camera will also feature optical image stabilization and large f/1.8 aperture. Not only that, but a dual-tone LED flash is also used in the camera, and it’s capable of 4K video recording.

Pebble rolling out new firmware, Android app update


It’s a big day for Pebble smartwatch owners. Pebble announced today that they are rolling out a new firmware, as well as a new Android app update. The new firmware, version 2.1, includes enhancements like the ability to clear notifications in the Settings menu, improved consistency of battery monitoring and better Bluetooth reliability when connecting. The Android app update includes a hot fix for a crash-on-boot issue.

You can find a full changelog past the break for both the firmware and Android app.

Samsung Galaxy S 5 review: Sticking with what already works


It’s hard to believe we are already on the 5th generation of the Galaxy S phone. The Galaxy S series is by far the most popular line of Android smartphones, and the reason is simple – marketing, marketing, and did I say marketing? It’s hard to watch anything on television without seeing some sort of Samsung commercial. The “Galaxy” name has become a household name much like the iPhone has. Samsung is also famous for its consistency. Their smartphones and tablets look and operate very similarly from year to year. Hardcore fanboys don’t go for that, but Samsung didn’t get to the top of the mountain selling hardcore fanboys, they did it by catering to the mainstream audience. These are the folks that when they buy a new phone, they want it to operate just like their previous one. Samsung does that better than anyone. Last year’s Galaxy S 4 didn’t change much in terms of design, so most people thought the Galaxy S 5 would bring a radical change, but that didn’t happen. Much like last year’s Galaxy S 4, the Galaxy S 5 appears to be a slight upgrade. Some will say this is a lack of innovation, but Samsung feels the Galaxy S 5 is very innovative. Will the Galaxy S 5 keep the Samsung faithful happy? Well hit the break to get started.

Rovio announces Retry, a new mobile game that very much resembles Flappy Bird


Everyone wants to piggyback off the success of Dong Nguyen’s Flappy Bird even though it is gone (for now). While many of the copycats swarmed the Play Store, none of them were from reputable developers. But today, Rovio has unveiled a brand new mobile game called Retry that resembles the beloved Flappy Bird.

Retry puts the user in a plane as its pilot, navigating through a bunch of obstacles. As you can tell from its title, you are going to have to retry a lot. Hitting an object will set you back to the start.

Hit the break for the trailer.

R.B.I. Baseball 14 released to the Play Store


Those that are interested in Baseball might be pleased to see a new Baseball game being released to the Google Play Store. It’s called R.B.I. Baseball 14, and it looks to be one of the better Baseball games available for Android.

The game features all 30 Major League Baseball teams, and allows users to play full 9 innings games in under 20 minutes. Hit the break for a gallery and the Play Store download link!

Amazon’s 2014 Kindle Fire line to be powered by MediaTek processors


MediaTek processors are starting to be used more and more in not only the Asian market, but also in the western hemisphere. Recent rumors suggest that Google is working on a budget Nexus smartphone that will feature a MediaTek 64-bit processor. Now there are rumors suggesting that Amazon will be using a MediaTek MT8135 in their upcoming refresh of the entry-level Kindle Fire tablets.

MediaTek initially dismissed the idea that they would be working with Amazon, but also said that they would try and close a deal with any potential clients. Reports today came in saying that Amazon would indeed use MediaTek to process some of their tablets, but we do not yet know if MediaTek chipsets will power the entire Kindle Fire line or just the entry-level devices.

Source: UDN
Via: GforGames

[New Chromecast App] Spoticast brings unofficial Spotify casting to Chromecast


Spotify users looking for a way to cast content from the service to their Chromecast device have a new option available, the Spoticast app just released by NOP Developments. Running on an Android device, Spoticast will send Spotify music directly to a Chromecast device. Hit the break for some specifics about using the app and to check out some video and screenshots.

TuneIn updates app, seeks to build social radio platform


TuneIn has released an update to their TuneIn Radio Android app that not only overhauls the look and feel, it introduces some changes to the way the service works. These changes are part of an effort by the company to become more of a standalone social network platform focused on the online radio shows and stations that users access. Users will find that old methods like “favorite” stations have now been converted to “follows” and users now have access to a personalized feed full of updates. TuneIn will also use your history and the content you are following to suggest stations, shows and categories. TuneIn has also added a feature called “TuneIn Echo” that will let groups access content together.

HTC is teasing a new device that is fashionable, but not luxurious


We already know HTC has a couple of new phones in the pipeline, the One (M8) Ace and the One (M8) Prime. One of these devices is most likely being teased by HTC in these latest ads posted on Weibo.

They are obviously centered around fashion, but one subtitle might give us a clue as to what phone. In one ad it says “Fashion does not mean luxury” which suggests something that looks good, but doesn’t cost a lot. That would seem to indicate the HTC One (M8) Ace since it’s expected to have high-end specs in a plastic body. Also since the fact that the One (M8) Prime isn’t expected to be available until September, means it’s more likely to be the Ace. HTC  wouldn’t already have ads drawn up for a device that is several months from launch. More images after the break.