Garmin announces the Vivofit 2, a wearable that tracks your fitness


Last year’s CES brought the Garmin Vivofit, so it’s only fitting that CES 2015 brings the followup, dubbed the Vivofit 2. There really isn’t a lot that has changed, at least as far as appearances go, but they have added some subtle changes.

The Vivofit 2 now features audible alerts to remind you to get off your butt and move a little. The activity timer will track and analyze each individual workout. They also added a backlight to improve visibility in the dark. Just like the original, the Vivofit 2 will work with Garmin’s Connect Mobile app that can be found in the Google Play Store.

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Official Galaxy S 6 accessories confirmed


I know it might not seem all that exciting, but if you’re a Samsung fan and looking forward to the Galaxy S 6, anything is exciting right? One thing you can bet on is there will be a Galaxy S 6, and the second thing you can bet on is there will be accessories. To bad you really can’t bet on them.

Anyways, the official accessory list has leaked and you can expect the usual S-View, Flip Wallet, and Wireless Charging accessories to further empty your wallet. We have the full list along with their code names after the break.

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Google’s Nest announces new partners at CES 2015


Nest started out as merely a way to automate climate control in your home by leveraging the power of new technology then started branching out into alarm systems. Google clearly saw even more potential in the platform though and proceeded to scoop up Nest and then work on opening the platform to third-party developers. Those efforts have now produced some results that are being shown off at CES 2015 as Next has announced 15 new partners that are part of the Works With Nest program. Using the Nest platform, Google is clearly positioning itself to be a major player in the Internet of Things market, especially within your home.

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Alcatel One Touch Watch is the latest wearable to hit the markets


Just as we revealed a couple of days ago, Alcatel One Touch has just unveiled its latest wearable at CES 2015, known simply as the Watch. The highlight of this smartwatch is that it doesn’t run Android Wear, but instead a custom OS designed specifically for wearables. This essentially means that the device is compatible with both Android (4.3 and above) and  iPhones (iOS 7 and higher). Read more

Google Glass accessory will give you thermal vision


As CES 2015 kicks into gear, companies will be throwing out press releases like Mardi Gras beads in order to draw attention to their products they plan on demoing at the show. One company, Round Concept LLC, has announced a rather interesting device that will be a side attachment to your Google spectacles. The purpose you ask? To give you thermal vision, brought straight to your Google Glasses’ visual overlay.

The attachment is called Third Eye, and the product will appear at Round Concept’s booth during the CES event. For more articles about the electronics show, click here for our full coverage of CES 2015 throughout the week. For further reading about Third Eye, click the “Read More” link below. Read more

NVIDIA introduces Tegra X1: a mobile superchip with 256 GPU cores


This evening, NVIDIA held its press conference for CES 2015 to announce the new Tegra X1 mobile superchip. The processor contains various components that make it a powerhouse. Alongside the eight-core 64-bit CPU are 256 cores for the GPU. It supports 4K video at 60Hz.

The Tegra X1 is based on the Maxwell architecture that was announced only four months ago. This is down from the two years it took NVIDIA to transfer Kepler architecture, its predecessor, over to mobile in the form of Tegra K1.

The new mobile superchip remains energy efficient despite its cutting edge performance. NVIDIA showcased its strength and efficiency by running a demo of Unreal Engine’s Elemental. The engine is equal to what is found in high-end PCs and today’s gaming consoles.

NVIDIA compared Tegra X1 with Tegra K1 and Apple’s A8 and found there to be little competition. Tegra X1 performs better than both, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang explained, by blowing the A8 “out of the water.”

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Seagate’s new storage solutions for the cloud include a 500GB wireless model


Due to the size of files growing rapidly, the cloud is where many are building a home. Hard disk drive (HDD) manufacturer Seagate has announced three new storage solutions that are all connected to the cloud. The three models are the Seagate Seven, Seagate Personal Cloud, and the Seagate Wireless. The first two are standard cloud-based storage solutions with multiple sizes; however, the Seagate Wireless can roam free. It has 500GB of storage that can stream movies and pictures to mobile devices from absolutely anywhere. How? Because this model has its own connection. The battery within the Seagate Wireless will allow it to run for six hours from anywhere before requiring an outlet to recharge.

The Seagate Wireless costs $129 and color options are green, blue, gray, red, and white. It will be available to consumers by the end of January.

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