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How to set up and use Smart Pause and Smart Scroll on the Samsung Galaxy S 4


Samsung introduced Smart Pause and Smart Scroll with the latest version of TouchWiz (based on Android 4.2.2) on the Samsung Galaxy S 4. Sometimes when you’re watching a video, you need to look away at something else. Wouldn’t it be nice if the video paused automatically? That’s exactly what Smart Pause does, and when you return to looking down at the video, it will continue playing from where it left off. It’s pretty nifty when it works, but I found that it’s very dependent on light. You can forget it working in the dark, but I found it didn’t want to work in average light either.

Smart Scroll works with emails and web pages. When you read a webpage, you will eventually get to the bottom of your display. You have two choices: Either swipe up to reveal more information or let Smart Scroll do it for you. This one is pretty spotty as well depending on how you set it up.

Both of these features are found in the quick on/off toggles found in the notification shade, but you will need to fine tune your settings, especially Smart Scroll since it can work by either tilting your head or the device. Just hit the break for a video showing you how it’s done and how both features work.

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  • sam jav

    i tried so many times using these two features ….none works even after fine tunnig …ugh .

  • Noah Wildermuth

    Yeah sam wtf it never works thats why I choose the s4 over the htc 1 >:( pisses me off

  • musthu dosthi

    Samsung….i cant nvr oprte dis smart play.pause.scoll…pls hlp mi….

  • Mikhail Zairee

    I bought samsung S4 with android 4.3 built in it. After i upgrade to android 4.4.2, i can’t used the smart stay and pause. The eye icon on top also dissapear. I already turn on the smart stay,pause and scroll but the eye icon still won’t pop out. I watch youtube and the smart stay is not fuctioning. What should i do?