How to create and share a Story Album on the Galaxy S 4


Samsung introduced the Story Album feature with the Galaxy S 4, which lets you select photos from a particular event and a “Story Album” will automatically be created. You can still customize the photos and even select themes. When you’re happy with your album, you can print it out or order a professionally printed version for yourself or to give as a gift. You can even save copies to your dropbox account. Skip on past the break for a video showing you how to create and share your Story Album. If you need help with anything else regarding your Galaxy S 4, be sure to check out our other GS4 guides.


  • pratik shukla

    Can I get story album for note 2

  • @julio_botello

    hello, very good video, well explained.

    but finish purchasing my samsung galaxy s4 e trying to create an album, I’ve seen your video and performed the same steps! … The problem is when I create album, the application stops and i do not know why? ?

    I wonder if you could help me, if depronto is a setting or something like that! … thanks in advance.

  • Randy Coleman

    Story album always fails, and I can’t get rid of the Bible with the # of suggestions

  • Jay Hathaway

    Where is the support for this pile of crap bloatware? No updates, no fixes, and no way to remove it.
    It doesn’t appear in searches at google play, samsung app store, or my phone carriers app store. MALWARE SHOULD NOT COME PREINSTALLED.

  • Dana

    I have been putting album together of new grandson as I’m sent pictures from Korea, love the app but ran into a problem and your video did not explain. Once I got to my 10th page it stopped letting me add more pages. If I’m going to create an album I want more then just 10 pages. It keeps telling me last page. How do I get it to open a clean page?

  • sfwm.son

    well, none of these questions have been answered but here goes. How do I add photos to a story album already created?