How to use Pen Window on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3


Samsung has been a leader when it comes to multitasking, and the Galaxy Note 3’s Pen Window adds a little more flair. First, open Air Command by hovering your S Pen close to the screen and pressing the button on the S Pen. When the Air Command fan opens, choose the last option, Pen Window. Then draw a rectangle anywhere on the screen and choose the app you want to appear in the window (your rectangle).

App choices are the Calculator, Clock, YouTube, Phone, Contacts, ChatON, Hangouts, and Internet (sorry no Chrome). Once your app appears, it’s not only functional, it also floats over whatever else you’re doing. You can move the app window freely or you can go full screen by maximizing it. You can even minimize it, which transforms it to a floating chathead-like icon that is also movable. When you’re ready to reopen it, just tap on the chathead-like icon. Want to float multiple Pen Windows? No problem, plus you can have multiple chathead-like icons (minimized Pen Windows) for fast access.

Hit the break to see how it works and be sure to check out our other Galaxy Note 3 guides.

About the Author: Robert Nazarian

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