How to get an additional 23GB of Dropbox storage for 2 years

The folks at XDA developers were able to extract the Dropbox APK from the HTC One X and modify it to work on any Android device. As we already know, the  HTC One X comes with 25 GB of free space for two years, which equates to 23 GB more than everyone else (standard is 2GB for free). By installing this modified APK on your device, you will instantly have access to the same additional 23GB for two years.

Hit the break for the download link and intructions

  1. If you already have Dropbox installed on your Android device, you must Clear data, Force close and finally uninstall it from Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Dropbox.
  2. Download and install the Dropbox+23GB APK Be sure to enable Unknown sources under Settings > Applications or Settings > Security (on ICS) before installing the APK!
  3. Launch the app as usual and log in.
  4. Wait for the confirmation email.
  5. The confirmation email can take up to 30 mins

Download APK

source: xda




About the Author: Spencer McClendon

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  • Anonymous

    That seems to be just wrong. That should be illegal i think. That could make everyone, including HTC one X buyers, lose their privileges/dropbox offer.
    No wonder developers complain about the market and its customers.

    • captain

      Yall just need to let it go, you’re probably rooted which is against the rules. Y’all probably have free stuff on your phones, and most of all you know you downloaded this so stop complaining and enjoy like I am. I put it on all 4 of my devices

      • captainevo

        Yea really. 3/4 of the people who by a HTC one x won’t even use their space. So we are just going to use it all all should be ashamed of yourselves! You read these articles to cheat the system and now throw a fit about some free storage space. If you don’t like it, don’t use it! But don’t complain about a work around. GET A LIFE!

        • Tissi

          So what you say is, its ok to steal from a rich guy he’s never going to use all the moneys anyways

        • antamintac

           lol man yeah, it works this way of course… dropbox separate their 32 gbs in a secret lab where no one will touches them because they dont use it…

          retard. you use more resources from dropbox company for free, and its more work on their servers and more used up space, so you dont steal from any rich guy, you steal from dropbox, and i dont think they deserve it.

  • Chris Murray

    Used three times –  amazing

  • Guest

    Really shady, and pretty unethical to endorse it too? 

  • Anonymous

    Not cool !
    Delete this topic !

  • Abelard

    I am floored that Talk Android would promote this.  This is completely unethical and that fact that you are promoting it is unacceptable.  The extra space was a benefit for HTC One X users and now we all supposed to be pleased that we can get around the rule?

    You are better than this, Talk Android.

    • GimmeGimme

      Uh yeah I am fuckin pleased!! Get off yer soapbox people and lets enjoy some free shit! WOOHOO FREE SHIT! thanks talkandroid :-D

    • Andrei

      Lol. Shut up and download! :))

    • Andrei

      Lol. Shut up and download! :))

  • RonaldoVerta

    Quit bitching! Thanks TalkAndroid!

  • tonyknuckles

    Some of you are real gay….more free shit! at least noone’s getting robbed at

  • Anonymous

    No, it’s wrong. One thing is to find it on xda forums, another for a tech website pro android, to promote this. At the end, this is not only against ethics but against android developers too.

    • MisterM

      Yes I agree, probably gonna get blocked or patched by Dropbox like that DropShip scenario in the past.

      Things like this really drive up bandwidth and storage costs for the company, causing legitimate users to suffer in the end.

  • Anonymous

    No, it’s wrong. One thing is to find it on xda forums, another for a tech website pro android, to promote this. At the end, this is not only against ethics but against android developers too.

  • Kim Kardashian

    Awesome work XDA!! I needed more room anyway to store all my pirated apks and torrents! Thanks Talk Android. You’re alright in my book

  • Denis Elistratov

    It’s wrong.

  • Anonymous

    These types of articles pose a few problems. First, the ethics of this web site are put into question.  Secondly, this site has to censor out just enough negative comments to make it look like there are only a few critical readers. 

  • Jason

    It didn’t work for me, no confirmation email and have the same amount of space as before.

  • Kiwicomposer

    Thanks.. Worked for me.

  • Kiwicomposer

    Hmm a colleague tried it and it didn’t work so looks like Dropbox have plugged the “hole” since I tried it….   I expected it to happen but they got onto it quick.

  • Nanaki

    Still Works

  • Andrew Simon Jones

    As I have wrote twice now and have yet to have the comment approved – EVEN XDA is against this – they closed the thread and removed the link to the APK…. 

    • Anonymous

      There have been several reader comments censored out.  I doubt there is a comment by the author which is pretty telling in itself.

  • Esben

    Still works! You just need to reset your phone to factorydata and then do the steps :) this is just great – and my phone is a HTC (legend) so i am supposed to have it xD

  • Meghan Dorn

    I downloaded this over a week ago and DB revoked my free space this morning. Now link doesn’t work…this blows.

  • Al Chandler

    This hack was done to soon, the phone isn’t even out yet of course they will know something is up.

  • Bigjoe2675

    XDA does great work, but this is not allowed and links removed on XDA since it was not approved. Space is cheap, just buy your required space needed.