Best endless runner games


Endless runners are some of the most popular games for mobile devices, and it’s no secret as to why. With a race-against-the-clock feel, these games provide hours of exhilarating and exciting gameplay for people of all ages. They’re definitely a type of game we highly recommend having in your arsenal.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 7 of our favorites, the ones we not only deem hilarious and fun, but also high quality and worth your time. Each one has a unique set of content, so whether you’re looking for something simple and to the point, or full of extra features and fun challenges, there’s something on this list to suit everyone. So without further ado, here’s the 7 best endless runner games for Android.

Temple Run


With over 100 million downloads, Temple Run is a classic that really takes the cake when it comes to endless runners. Not only is the game exciting and addictive, but it’s perfect for anyone, at just about any age. Temple run is extremely versatile, so if you’re looking for something to entertain yourself or to keep your child from a meltdown, you won’t go wrong here.

So what can you do in Temple Run? Well, like all endless runner games, the goal of the game is to keep on running, all while dodging different obstacles, and in this case, also gathering coins. The more coins  you acquire each time you go back to try and beat your score, the more power ups you can purchase to help you beat that score again and again. As you run outside the temple to try and escape the monsters, you’ll be met with rickety bridges, endless twists and turns, and even walls of fire you’ll need to slide under, as well as tree stumps you’ll need to hop. And, if you need something refreshing to turn to after Temple Run, a sequel, Temple Run 2, brings a lot of new and neat features into the gameplay!

Download it now: Google Play

Subway Surfers


A little brighter and more colorful than Temple Run is Subway Surfers. In this game, you’ll play as one of three friends causing mischief on the subway. It’s your job to escape the wrath of the subway security guard, but to also dodge any oncoming trains! You may just also run into upgrades like hoverboards and jetpacks along the way, so keep an eye out!

Another cool feature of Subway Surfers is that the developers update it for the holidays, so if you download it right now, you’ll have access to the Subway Surfers: Winter Holiday edition. In this update, the subway environment has been transformed into a winter wonderland, complete with snow, Christmas decorations, penguins, gift conveyer belts, and limited edition outfits. Extremely festive, and just as equally entertaining, Subway Surfers won’t disappoint.

Download it now: Google Play

Alto’s Adventure


Very Monument Valley-esque, Alto’s Adventure is so intriguing you’re not going to be able to put it down. With stunning graphics and a myriad of calming colors, this snowboarding, endless-runner game knocks all expectations out of the park.

Although the screen view of Alto’s Adventure is a little different from the previous endless runner games mentioned on this list, it’s uniqueness will really draw you in for hours of fun gameplay. In Alto’s Adventure, you’ll take to the slopes, and hopefully avoid all llamas and other tricky obstacles. And with extra content like 180 goals, a variety of different snowboarders (with different strengths), and plenty of varied terrain, this game won’t soon disappoint.

Download it now: Google Play

Sonic Dash


Let’s face it. Who isn’t a longtime Sonic fan? Sonic the Hedgehog is the bomb dot com, and when he stars in this fantastic endless runner game, Sonic Dash, he’s no different! You’ll run everywhere across the world, including oceans, castles, and amazing scenery, collecting the well-known classic Sonic rings.

But the cool thing about this game is that it goes so far beyond just being a simple standard endless runner game. You can unlock other character, like Shadow, Knuckles and Tails, but there’s also a ton of room for upgrade, and maybe even the best part… Fight bosses! That’s right, while this is a great endless runner game, there’s even some boss battles thrown in to shake things up and really keep it interesting. If you’re a fellow Sonic the Hedgehog fan, I highly recommend downloading Sonic Dash.

Download it now: Google Play

Cookie Run: OvenBreak


In this hilarious endless runner game, you’ll play as a cookie (or a doughnut from outer space, and other optional crazy characters) on the run to break out of the Witch’s oven. In Cookie Run: OvenBreak, you’ll need to consume as many jelly beans as you can while you jump over or slide under various obstacles. Will you be able to blow this popsicle stand before the evil witch catches you?

Cookie Run: OvenBreak has some other fun features as well, that similar to Sonic Dash, go beyond just merely running. You can earn chests to unlock collective content, compete with other players to make it to the leaderboards, and even partake in a player-vs-player race to have fun challenging your friends and seeing who can make it out the fastest. Without a doubt, Cookie Run: OvenBreak can provide anyone with hours of entertainment and laughter.

Download it now: Google Play

Pac-Man 256


In Pac-Man 256, you’ll be dropped in the maze that never ends where you’ve got to outrun the glitch and defeat the iconic ghost gang. Everyone’s favorite arcade game, Pac-Man is back and better than ever in this mobile-friendly classic. And, not only that, but it’s also controller compatible for those who like to hook that up to their phones and tablets.

Some of the other features of Pac-Man 256 include the ability to change the colors of the board to your liking, unlock some absolutely awesome power ups (like Giant, Tornado, Laser, and more), and even make the 256 combo for a fantastic Pac-Man surprise that will wow even the longtime fans who have seen it all. Even if you download a couple others, don’t miss out on this endless runner!

Download it now: Google Play

Angry Gran Run


Last, but certainly not least, add this hilarious game to your list: Angry Gran Run. When Granny’s been locked in the asylum, it’s your job to help her carry out her escape plan. You’ll need to be sure to watch out for and jump or slide past all of the crazy obstacles, even including things like aliens and dinosaurs.

Granny will be able to even buy different costumes; whether she wants to flashback to her younger days in a 70’s hipster outfit or merely look like a penguin, there’s an outfit for all her moods. You can even purchase upgrades such as an invincible shield and bullet-time…and when you beat those pesky ol’ punks in the streets, make sure to grab their coins so they won’t go to waste!

Download it now: Google Play


And that wraps up our favorite runners apps for Android! Most of these on this list are fairly well-known and popular options, but still some of our favorites. There’s something here for everybody, too. Not a fan of Temple Run? Then mix it up a bit with Pacman-256 or Angry Gran Run. Or, you have Sonic Dash, which mixes it up a bit with a Sega twist. No matter the case, you’re sure to get quite a bit of enjoyment out of any of these titles!

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