Best apps for reading books [2015]


One of my favorite things about smartphones and tablets is the ability to take a library of books with you wherever you go. Not only are eBooks cheaper than the physical alternative, but there’s no need to pack five or six books with you when travelings — it’s all on your tablet!

Amazon Kindle


Most will be familiar with this option largely because almost everyone uses Amazon. However, they’ve put together one of the best apps for reading books. Paired with just the right font, brightness levels, and background or “paper” color, the Kindle app makes electronic reading easy on the eyes.

Amazon is aiming to make electronic reading more convenient than with a physical book, and thus far they’ve done that and far more. While Amazon has designed Kindle with what is the best user interface in the industry, what makes or breaks an e-reader is its availability of books. And with Amazon being a leading retailer in the book industry, there’s no shortage of having access to the latest and greatest or even old classics.

One of the most convenient parts of Amazon’s Kindle reader is its syncing capabilities. If you read a few chapters on an iPhone during lunch break at work, as long as you’re logged into your Amazon account, you can pick up right where you left off on your Android tablet at home. It’s seamless and makes reading a breeze.

It also has your usual features that’re included in an app for reading books: highlighting, bookmarking, a built-in dictionary, brightness, font selections, and a bevy of a text customization.

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Aldiko Book Reader


The Aldiko Book Reader is an excellent second option for those not a fan of Amazon Kindle. Aldiko has a massive library, featuring many of the latest books, classic, and more. Similar to Kindle, it has a great user interface making for easy reading.

But what makes this application particularly unique is its advanced library management system, allowing users to easily import their own EPUB or PDF files to read on the go. Users can also customize their reading experience to the fullest extent — font sizes, font type, font and background colors, margins, line spacing, and much more. This allows each user to adapt Aldiko Book Reader to their individual preferences, truly making it one of a kind.

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Google Play Books


Google Play Books was fairly crummy when it first started out, but it’s gone through some major improvements making it a much more optimal reading experience. It has offline reading (which many apps don’t), elegant 3D page turns resembling a physical book, varying reading modes (day, night, sepia), and the usual bevy of text and background customization.

The great thing about Play Books is how seamless it works with textbooks. Physical textbooks can be extremely expensive, however, many are discounted on Google Play Books, allowing you to save yourself quite a penny.

Play Books is particularly enjoyable due to how hard it tries to resemble the experience of holding a physical book in your hand. It’s most certainly one of the better options available with a constantly expanding library!

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Universal Book Reader


Universal Book Reader is an elegant application thanks to its robust library management. It keeps everything neatly organized through Bookcase, your digital library resembling that of an actual bookshelf. It has an integrated file browser, allowing you to quickly grab and import your EPUB and PDF files into Universal Book Reader.

The app has some of the most seamless and fluid page flipping animations out there. Additionally, the application is very smooth, even after loading almost thirty books into it. On the downside, it’s plagued with ads, which disappear if you purchase the premium version. With the premium version, you get some neat additional features, such as text-to-speech, the ability to create shortcuts to books on your home screen, and more.

Overall, it’s a great free application for book reading although ads can get frustrating quickly.

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Some people aren’t a fan of reading, whether it be an electronic or physical book. Fortunately, Audible is available for those that would rather listen to a good book. Of course, audiobooks are significantly pricier than electronic books, but can be perfect for the morning commute, someone who drives truck, or a person who simply prefers listening to a book!

Audible is owned by Amazon, and they’re sporting a library of over 180,000 audiobooks. And if you own a Kindle, you can easily switch between listening and reading with Audible through Amazon’s Whispersync. Convenience at it’s best!

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Wrap Up

These are five of the best reading apps available for Android, all of which give its users an excellent user interface while providing a reading experience resembling that of a physical book. There are plenty of other options on the Play Store, but none that seem betteer than what’s listed here.

What’s your favorite app for reading books? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

About the Author: Brad Ward

Brad is a tech enthusiast, writing and tinkering with all things technology since 2011. He currently bounces between the LG G3 and his beloved Moto X! His interests include reading, entrepreneurship, the gym, and of course, queso.

  • Tabish

    I was wondering whether you considered Moon+ Reader and, if you did, why it did not make the cut?

  • Pass The Cisco

    Moon+ Reader is superior to Aldiko. It has more features and it does not create duplicate files when you import books.

    • Danie van der Merwe

      Moon+ Reader also has great integration with Calibre.

  • tardis 13

    One more recommendation for Moon+ Reader which I use with virtually all ebook formats and with dropbox easily share between devices.

  • NickyA

    Aldiko overrides metadata…no

  • Exodus1028

    I tested all readers listed and I second moon reader being superior to each.

  • Miklós Galicz

    I also miss Moon Reader+ from the list!

  • Alexandru Tudor

    Cool reader is the best. The wood color of the page is amazing

  • TaxMan

    I have to agree Cool reader should be at the top of your list. It does it all gracefully.

  • (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    Seriously? No moon reader?? As others said too, I have literally downloaded every eBook reader and have compared it to moon reader, moon reader is the only eBook reader with a much more simpler UI to understand, and with no extra BS. Plus the UI looks much more modern that all other “old styled” eBook readers.

    • wellington dad

      Agreed, Moon reader just has what you need and nothing more. If you need additionàl fonts, it provides the info to get. Other readers give everything you don’t need whilst compromising on doing the job they are made for.
      Moon reader just needs a better ability to read the book summary without opening the edit details.

      • (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

        Reading Life of Pi right now on Moon Reader for English class, makes reading much more satisfying!

  • Karen Billings

    Librivox is a free audio reader available for android. Its library consists of a huge selection of public domain books which means they were written in the early 1900s. All of their readers are volunteers, but many of them are of professional quality. They also carry a number of more rece0books for which you can pay. I have never looked at these newer titles as i have been completely enthralled by the older books cor nearly 2 years…andthat is strictly in the fiction section.

  • Snaproll

    I’ve used both Aldiko and Cool Reader. My pick ? Cool Reader. Kindle for books from Amazon of course.

  • Thomas Jefferson II

    AI Reader and Moon+ are two of the best.

  • yochanan

    You forgot to mention Google Play Books also has the ability to upload your own books as well.

    I’ve never used Universal Book Reader, bit it looks like a clone of Adilko. The latter has been around a lot longer.

  • Madeline Wood

    I use Kodo. It is compatible with both epub and digital editions so I can read books and academic articles easily. It also supports PDFs. A very versatile app on my tablet and a great stand alone reader.

    • wellington dad

      But kobo turns all those epubs into gibberish, which means you can never use another reader without backing up your files BEFORE importing to kobo. I found that out the hard way. I did enjoy the convenience of purchasing with kobo, but Kobo wants to lock you in for life, which i don’t appreciate.

  • Piero

    I’m sorry, you missed the best app to read books.
    Alreader is the best of them all, and I’m dead serious. It has 10x more features than any other, ads free, text to speech, the most customizable.

  • Dez Bruce

    Surprised you haven’t got moon reader pro in there.

  • patrick osei

    My best 3 reading apps are moon+ pro, mantano and aldiko in that order.

  • Yu Ii

    I have ALL your recommended readers plus FBReader Premium that you have missed to mention, which is a head and shoulder above the pack. HOW on earth did you miss out on FBReader Premium which enjoys the highest rating on Android?

  • DL

    Why is no one mentioning Nook? This is the most glaring omission of all! My family and I are dedicated Nook fans from their very first reader all the way to their Samsung tablets now. We are attached to our Nooks much of the day every single day!

    • yochanan

      Because the Nook is a device, not an app. You use Kindle on it, right? Did you even read the article?

      • Jeremy

        There is, actually a Nook app, sir. Maybe you should do some research yourself.
        Just like there is a kindle AND a kindle app, or my favorite- Kobo which is also a device and separate app.

        • yochanan

          I’m sorry, you’re right. I must’ve put my brain on backwards yesterday. Comment redacted.

  • wellington dad

    Moon reader is working out good for me. Love the ability to select “download book cover” to ensure my bookshelf always looks awesome.
    Got rid of Kobo reader as the space taken up on tablet due to having 2 copies of every book was kinda annoying, Kobo renames all files into a gibberish no- one understands.
    Plus I find the Moonreader has all the font and dictionary options i need without bugging the app with unnecessary stuff i dont need (aldiko).

  • Anna Botsou

    Basically ALL readers that can’t zoom on images in epub files, suck big time. As far as I know, only Mantano and Moon+ reader CAN zoom.

  • Nikolay Atanasov

    Try Infinity Reader from Google Play

    The reader supports audio, video, scripts and all EPUB3 features.It comes with a free book, which
    contains youtube video and you can download a lot of free books directly from the reader