A Guide To Transferring MP3 & Audio Tracks To Your Android Phone

The Android operating system and platform was developed by Google. T-Mobile released the very first G1 Google Android smart phone in 2008 and intended it to be a major competitor to the iPhone by Apple. One of the coolest things about the Android system is that it is a complex operating system that completely enhances the user’s internet browsing experience.

Other than browsing the Web, users will enjoy the ability to listen to high quality music on their Android. Unfortunately, some phone users have been confused on how to get their music from their computer to their phone since there is no direct sync like with the Apple iPhone, which automatically loaded music from the iTunes program. Still, transferring music from your laptop or PC to your Android is not all that difficult. Just follow a few simple steps, and you will have mobile music at your fingertips.

The first thing to know is the type of files that can be upload onto your Android phone. The files types that are acceptable are: MP3, AMR, WMD (8), MIDI, WAV, OGG Vorbis, and M4A. iTunes uses M4A files, and if they have a digital rights management-protection it must first be converted or they will not play on your Android phone.

To transfer your music, you first want to connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable. Once you plug the cable into your phone and computer, you will see a USB icon in the menu bar on your phone. Drag the menu bar down and you will uncover a “USB Connected” message. When you tap this message, a dialog box will pop up asking “Mount” or “Don’t Mount.” You want to select “Mount,” which will transfer files from your computer to your phone’s SD card.

Next, you need to open your USB drive on your computer. A dialog box may pop up asking what you want to do with the new hardware, in which case you should click “Open Folder to View Files.” If a dialog box does not shw up, you can go to the Start Menu, My Computer, and double click on “Removable Disk.” You should see a folder titled “Music,” but if not, just create your own.

Now, go again to the Start Menu and My Computer. Open whatever file contains your music. This might be iTunes or just “Music.” Highlight all the music you want to have on your phone, and then drag it to the Music folder on the removable disk menu. It will take a few minutes for the transfer to complete. Once it does, click on “Safely Remove Hardware” icon on the bottom right side of your computer screen. Click on “USB Mass Storage” and click the “Stop” button. On your phone, drag the menu bar down once again and you will see a dialog that says “Turn off USB storage.” Click it and then you will see a prompt asking if you want to turn off the USB storage. Indicate that you do. It will now be safe for you to unhook the USB cord without damaging your computer, phone or files.

All that is left now is to try out your new music by going to the Music Application on your applications screen. Click on it and you can search for the song, album or artist you want to listen to.

Right now, the G1 Google Android is the only phone on the market using the Android operating system, but more will come into the marketplace. When they do, the steps to loading music might be slightly different, but it is likely they will at least be very similar.

  • balu

    how to creat playlist on u20i

  • jen jimenez

    So I read the instructions carefully and Ive done everything untill “Next, you need to open your USB drive on your computer. A dialog box may pop up asking what you want to do with the new hardware, in which case you should click “Open Folder to View Files.” If a dialog box does not shw up, you can go to the Start Menu, My Computer, and double click on “Removable Disk.” You should see a folder titled “Music,” but if not, just create your own” First, when I open the dialog box asking what to do with the new hardware it says that is simply not suported, second when I click twice on removable disk, it says I must first insert a disc! and it doesn’t ven allow me to create a music folder, so then I stop following the instructions cause nothing is working, Ive read so many posts about this android nightmares. But please someone bemore than kind and repply, please, please.

  • K Cason

    I connect my UBS cord to the PC but no UBS appers on my phone what to do???

  • amber

    the step they are missing is that first you must go to the website for your phones manufacturer. then find the support area and download that usb dricer software, then unplug your phone restart your computerm and plug your phone back in once you computer is on. if you don’t have the software to recognize :::”see your phone”::: it won’t know it is there.

  • Angie

    after copying all music, its not showing up in my “music” icon.. and when i try to open the music files, it says “unable to open”… what can i do? they are also stored with a question mark by them..

  • Jaz

    How To Creat A Playlist …?

  • http://google atsaya

    i want to know how to download good games and good music on a sony ericson (TM) experia 10x mini

  • John

    After reading this and the comments of some poor bloke just trying to get it all working, I can only say – ditch the Android and buy an Ipod/iphone/ipad. Instructions: Run Itunes, plug in device on USB cable. Click on Sync button. (bottom right hand button – I only added location information as I need to pad this out a bit to make it sophisticatedly complex). “…intended it to be a major competitor to the iPhone by Apple”. Seriously? I have to assume this article is being sarcastic or at least facitious. If so then, cool I got it. LOL. If not … it needed to be.

  • terry

    The orignal articale gives a hint at exactly how easy the transfer really is. I JUST changed from an itouch and a dumbphone to a sumsung charge. No problem. remember that the typical android uses a SD memory of some type. AND more importantl like the article says android can play m4a and m4v files that are generated by itunes. Plug in your usb cord and do nothing with your PC except look for it to add a “mass storage” device. Like the articles say go to your itunes directory (usually under My Music) and just simply copy over the files to the Music (or Video) directories on the mass storage device.

    when the copy is completed disconnect the USB and open the music (or video) playr on your phone. It will be there and be managed properly into songs, artists and albums. And it will play with no problem.

    I’m still using itunes to catalog.

    But don’t get me started on podcasts. That is a whole other story. I cannot find the half-dozen i’ve listened to on a regular basis. They can be copied as well but that would be a pain over the typical sync.

  • Achilles Tebandeke

    I cannot insall my Android on my laptop: itinforms me that a disc is need which was not included.

  • Alisue

    With the phone unplugged from your computer, you must go to the website for your phone’s manufacturer. Find the support area and download the usb driver software. Once it’s installed, you can plug in your phone and it should be recognized by your computer. A list of options should show up on the PC screen, if it’s windows, such as “Take no action”, “Copy CD”, “Open folder to view files”, etc. You then can copy files to and from the phone.

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    this s*** is annoying i should have just got a d*** i phone

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  • Mike

    Thanx so much, I got it on the first try. I am not a techie, very clear instuctions when you take the time to read them all, lol.

  • Nathaniel Davis

    I’ve got a direct and physical converter sdcard to usb and Vista still shits itself every time I try to copy multiple files to the sdcard. Also it takes hours for it to complete. Google overlord create your own and I will convert if it makes files transfers easier and quicker. Windows Media Player? Please jerk me off Kthxbye.

  • Jasmine Milligan

    Okay, well my android isn’t showing up on my computer as connected. whats going on?

  • Wendy M

    I found this site very helpful, thanks so much, I now have music on my phone :)

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    worked perfectly the first try, thx a bunch

  • Shona

    Hi,Ive just bought a samsung Nexus But i was wondering how do i transfer music from my pc to my phone?

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  • Katizzy72

    I had the same issue and I went here:


    in order to download the USB driver software necessary to transfer files (music specifically) from my pc to phone. All you have to do is specify the carrier and model and download the software. Unplug your phone and plug it back in and your computer should locate the software automatically.

    Problem solved!

  • dreed

    Worked great for me first time! I just love it! Thanks for sharing.

  • David

    It didn’t a disc for mine, I simply connected it and it said “Install Sync” a new window popped up it asked “Install Sync or no?” I just clicked yes and was able to get music from my computer. Before that I tried getting music from my phones internet but it didn’t work.

  • Stan

    OK i tried with the drag and drop thing for music into the music directory with specified folders and for some reason the phone LG Optimus p925g 3D phone still jumbles all my songs together regardless of folders or not. so my question is. is there a way to only play the songs in a specified folder instead of a mash-up of songs

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    Fantastic! Worked great. Thanks a million for sharing.

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    I transferred 4 music albums (mp3’s) but only 2 appear in the music folder…? Also, I cannot delete the music that was put on it initially….? Help!

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    i wanna to share music files of my samsung nexus ph. With my freinds mobile via bluetooh…
    How can i send…
    Plz reply me…

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    worked perfectly first time!! thanks

    BUT…. how do i remove unwanted music?

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  • martha

    Does anyone know how to get the songs to appear on the Droid in the same order that they occur in your playlist? When I transfer an album, the songs come out alphabetized. I want them in the original order.

    • Jaynew83

      create a new playlist

  • garry in St. Louis

    Pretty simple, no different than burning a CD, just drag the music over to the music file in the droid phone.
    Worked for me!!

  • karthi

    how to send mp3 song in bluethooth to other mobile

  • karthi

    how send mp3 song to other mobile with help of Bluetooth

  • anmol

    thank you ur my hero!!!

  • Tendai

    I cannot add new songs to my Xperia X10 mini as it keeps saying cannot play the track – can anyone help

  • rachel

    I have tried what you said, but I can’t get past the first step. THere is no option for mount or dont mount when I press the usb connect button- i only get pc mode, windows media sync,usb mass storage and charge only- now what

  • jay jay

    i cannot insall my Android onto my laptop and cant troubleshoot it. what can i do?

    • osam

      same here like omg…

  • brent

    Really, if anyone has EVER tried to connect, for instance a laptop to a home pc, then there is essentially two ways to go about this.
    Either you set up a home network, a bit more complictated yet if your doing a bunch of transfering ( like daily or weekly ) then this is the best way simply because once the network is setup, then transfering requires no usb cord and its as simple as being in range of your pc, a few clicks of your mouse and taps on your screen & your done.
    2nd one is the tried & true (but far slower) USB cord and mount. This sites above tutorial is exactley how you would exchange data from your pc(or laptop) to a second device (another laptop/ smart phone). The ways in which one transfers data is essentially the same no matter the different devices that are trying to share data/music/movies/.pdf files – you can connect two devices by a network ( requires a wireless router & your computer must be wireless capable & you ll need a cord or two going from your wireless router to your pc/laptop ). Again, the trouble is actually worth it to set up transfers this way, its far faster than the USB method ( especially if you want fast transfers & are doing quite a few of them weekly or monthly) and no cords are used going form the pc/laptop to your phone.
    This site gives a great tutorial on how to use a USB connection method, but somewhere (google it) there may be a tutorial on how to set up a home network w your pc/laptop & your droid.

  • Ivy

    is this the same for the samsung fascinate?

  • Niecey

    How do you take music from your phone to your computer? Can anyone tell me how to do this?

  • Skink5150

    @ Niecey –
    Once you have USB connected , and USB storage is on , you should see another drive on your computer , open it to view files and copy to wherever you wish .

  • Gary Matthews

    Thanks alot for this article. It helped me out more than you know.

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    Wtf all my music got deleted

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    i still can’t put musico n me hpone fuck this..

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    how do i get my admire phone talk to my pc i forgot how to tell phone to access my pc

  • Doug

    Now we know why Apple is doing so well.

    • jack

      Apple is doing well, because the people who bought the things… Can actually use them… Its people that buy androids that can barely turn on a computer that trash these things and then bitch when there iphone has the same problem. If there is something not working right. It’s most likely a user error, if there is a connection error, either your PC is screwed up somehow (not having right driver or bad USB slot) or its another user error. BTW, Apple isn’t doing to well now are they? I see more and more people buying androids because they don’t limit people to their capabilities.

      • Beringsea2000

        Worked perfect for my Android……  Guess you have to be smarter than your phone lol………

    • http://www.facebook.com/robin.thakur.710 Robin Thakur

      Exactly. I’ve had my Galaxy S3 for 3 weeks and have not managed to successfully get my music onto it in a format that doesn’t completely screw up the running order. In this day and age, why on earth is it so complicated. Considering all the effort Samsung went to, to get NFC working and all the rest, not having an easy way to get music onto the device seems like a hilariously short sighted screwup. Drag and drop to a drive??? Is this the 90’s? The fact that it locks the entire phone while it is transferring music is just the icing on the cake.
      To get music to my iPhone 4S, I just plug it in or keep it in range of wireless itunes where it syncs once the phone is found. I can even use it while it is synchronising! The same should be possible on Android. This has nothing to do with Apple users being stupid,quite the opposite its about not making things pointlessly complicated. Android’s handling of music files is embarassing even on the most modern phone around. The music player icon (quite nice once you find it) is squirelled away in the Apps menu like nobody would ever want to use it. Bizarre…
      There are all sorts of options like Kies, DoubleTwist etc but they all feel like hacks, because the programs are poorly laid out and crash all the time whilst being the poor cousins of iTunes. Considering how much flack iTunes gets, it’s quite ironic. My capabilities are limited by this phone because it doesn’t do what I want. I am a web application developer and if I can’t work it, you can bet 99.9% of the population won’t be able to work it out without a silly amount of research. Even if you go to Samsung’s site, it has 5 different ways you can get music onto the device, each with their own pitfalls.
      At the moment, i will carry my iPhone 4S MP3 player and Apps player with me as well as my expensive new worldbeating smartphone which can’t seem to easily be loaded with music and which doesn’t yet have the apps I need. If they could just sort these bits out it would be a viable replacement for the iPhone, but as it is, it is full of cool gimmicks for phone geeks but in the stuff that really counts, it is sadly lacking

  • Lulaberri

    why is it saying my usb card is busy?

  • FallenAnjel

    I just got an HTC Wildfire s and there is NO “Music” folder after I connected via USB. .Only “Media”.  and “audio” and inside that is the notification for Facebook.  

  • Catchtyphoon

    I am due an upgrade, guess what I am getting, you I-phone.

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    This site is horrible , ive been looking a long time now , trying to find a good site that allowesbme to download music to my android phone. Well i thought that when i seen this site i would never have to look again. I was wrong . This site is crap.

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      obviously no common sense lol

  • Periodistalibre

    Is there any way to download music from online, for example, via Dropbox, and then put it on your computer?

    • Tcshil

      I use Dropbox and it is awesome!  If you have a HTC just follow the directions above.  I have a Droid Incredible 2 and steps vary slightly from what is above.  I had to add a MUSIC folder and then copied my music files from my Dropbox folder into the Music file on the removable device folder list.   

    • Peaceoutsydney

      no there is not

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    CHRIS MOOR…dude i love you with all my heart i just did what you said here for my android skyrocket and it worked perfectly ..all my music and even videos were transfered to my phone..thank you very much and god bless you….

  • Shelly

    Ok well my pc don’t show the usb is plud in?? And I want to put my music from I tunes to my phone? please help as I looked in my computer and it’s not showing up

    • Dee

      I would agree with you Shelly mine is not showing that it is plugged in either!!  When I plug it in is is no different at all!

      • Gman

        same here neither my phone nor pc shows that it is plugged in! Only thing that it does is Charge the phone! Lg Optimus 3D

        • Gman

          nothing shows up on my phone screen other than showing that its charging……  :( so what else can we try? I’ve tried going into the settings to the mass storage and checked it and unchecked! Still no response on either end? Even downloaded the Windows Driver for LG again STILL NOTHING? Please Help would like to be able to transfer files from pc to phone! Without going through the bluetooth setting! takes forever! Hr to two hours to transfer about 500 mb to the phone via Bluetooth…………….Please Please PLEASE Help!

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    How about making a software that is compatible with Mac users? that way we are not forced to switch to the iPhone 

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    mine doesn’t come up with a plugged in thingy good work dick head

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    are these people thick, an android is different than from an ipad i just got google android obvously you need memory card and reader transfer your tunes from your pc, laptop on to them and then insert in your android …….. SIMPLES

  • BboyZakrifise

    i did this and it does not work, for my nexus s 4g, ive tried many times, made a music folder and all that stuff but it doesnt work…pls help!

    • help!!!

      yeah my nexus sent to other phones successfully but not wildfire i used bluetooth but it doesnt work i pressed the menu bar and the options have nothing to do with srnding. need help!

  • Liam

    I used bluetooth…worked for me.

  • Lol

    didn’t work

  • Great!

    Worked on my Samsung Stratosphere! Thanks!

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    Guys i just bought Sony Ericsson Live With Walkman but it can read mp3 files for some reason! need help! May be i do something wrong with the transfer?

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  • Sallygiltum

    would music work the same in the audio folder?

    • chucklenuts14

      probably not first just make sure you have a music folder if not you can try dragging it in it could work but my captivate has a music folder

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  • Jose 10

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    i dont know how to transfer music from my computer to my phone

    • mary

      the first you need plug your phone, later, you on usb, and inmediately the phone is visible in your computer you need open file and copy y later pate and your phone

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    its not working with mine! i plugged in the phone, but nothing happened! what do i do?

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      My computer > Select it yourself. Don’t be lazy.

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     can n’t acess files on phone

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    When I open my Music app, it wants/forces me to link to a Google Music account so it can sync music to all devices.  Grr, I don’t want to do that, I just want to play the file.  This thing’s complete and total disrespect for my privacy and data usage is getting irritating.

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    The droid does not register with my computer WTF?


    I really dont understand whats going on here rofl.Its confusing.I dont know what a usb cord is. any stupid ppl anoy me

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      Go into your phone, go into the Settings..scroll through and find the Connectivity Settings..if you have this option, click Always Ask..or change the default mode from Modem to Mass Storage. Basically your phone thinks u want to tether and use it for Internet..u dont. U dont want to use it as a phone at all..keep trying, one of you will get it or ask a friend

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      Connect phone then safely remove then just put connect usb button on phone it easy

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  • CuteNDgymnast

    Im still kinda confused can u transfer your music from itunes or not cuz thats where all my music is so ya

    • pinefreshe

      Your itunes music is actually in a folder somewhere else on your computer. Find that and you can copy it real easy.

    • pinefreshe

      Your itunes music is actually in a folder somewhere else on your computer. Find that and you can copy it real easy.

    • jack murphy

      ok drag your music out of itunes

    • mathlover

      Yes, you can just make sure your file say’s ” no name” before anything

  • Kking

    Can you transfer your playlist music from you droid to a new droid?

  • Joegny

    I also have success by emailing mp3 files to myself and then opening my mail on my droid. I then just click the “download” tab in my email

    • db

      I took your advice… worked great! For some reason I was having the same problems as all above with my computer recognizing my android device. Emailing the mp3s and then saving them to Google Play Music really worked. thanks!

  • katieeBearr

    I don’t have the Maunt option on my LG droid…

    • mailn6

      There should be something like “Use as mass storage device”

  • Victoriajansen911

    What do i do if it doesnt say that a USB has been connected???

    • Daylight

      Same problem. Phone is completely invisible to the computer and it doesn’t give me the icon on my menu bar either. All i’m getting after plugging it in is the USB notification on my computer, but can’t find the phone or it’s file anywhere. It doesn’t even pull up the options screen like it would with an ipod, iphone, usb drive, etc

      • hifaash

        It could be because of ur setting in ur phone. check ur setting to enable USB mass storage even before u connect. different phones have it in different locations. unless that is enabled connecting ur phone to PC may only show ur picture folder or some other options but not USB mass storage option. thats why it might not be indicated in ur phone. If u tell us what phone u r usin we can help u enable it first

        • Jakiebaro

          i got a 
          Samsung Admire from metropcs im having the same problems as Victoriajansen911 above me

        • MaryFlo

          Im having the same problem, i went and made sure and it says that my setting is USB mass storage, and it doesnt pop up for anything on either my phone or my computer

      • wasted_thyme

        I had that issue too. When you plug your phone into your computer, the phone screen should briefly pop up with a window that gives you the option to charge only, or mount as a disc drive. Choose to mount, then your computer should recognize it as the E:drive or some shit.

    • http://twitter.com/JRTStudio JRT Studio

      Are you using the cable that came with the device?

      Make sure you are NOT using a charge only cable.

      If you are using Honeycomb or ICS (Jelly Bean too for that matter) you may need to update the drivers for your device to be able to be seen.
      email me at chris@jrtstudio.com and I can help you get drag and drop working. There are just too many possible explanations!

    • http://www.facebook.com/lovelychristine.urbano Christine Urbano

      Go to setting and go to applications.Then, press development and you see USB debugging press that.your done!:)and u see your
      notification on your phone it says usb connecting.

      • Trista

        i did this and it still didn’t work! :(

        • Monica

          Worked for me i have a T Mobile phone :)) Thxx

  • Hlrbirda8

    im not gettin the ”mount” or ”dis mount” im just getting ”connect storage to PC..Help

  • Howiesykes

    Thanks heaps – the only problem I’m having is that the files are named (title and artist) on my PC but when I transfer them to the phone, they all come up as “track 1 unknown artist, track 2 unknown artist” etc…. how do I get the file names to copy over?

  • Ctrst12

    This was the easiest ever!  If you dont find exactly what it says to find, find something similar and try it.  Works perfect  Thanks

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    My computer comes up with three diffrent menus and which one do i pick!?!

  • Hifaash

    For those who cannot see Mount option on ur phone!
    It could be because of ur setting in ur phone. check ur setting to enable USB mass storage (Mount) even before u connect. different phones have it in different locations. unless that is enabled connecting ur phone to PC may only show ur picture folder or some other options but not USB mass storage (mount) option. thats why it might not be indicated in ur phone. If u tell us what phone u r usin we can help u enable it first 

    • Jacolby Conwell

      Im using Samsung Galaxy S1

      • Jacolby C.

        I plug in my phone and nothing pops up, and in the media player center under the sync to device icon there is no device indicated even when my phone is plugged in. Please help

      • Sandra

        This worked for me until I upgraded my PC to Windows 7.
        The Files now copy OK but when I want to play them on the phone I’m getting a licence request.
        Any ideas?

  • Roseemere34

    Thanks heaps!(: worked perfectly

  • goulia1112

    it doesent work with my LG Connect 4G ,it pops up and all but when i click “my music” it just has the few songs that i already have on it , im not sure if i didnt get the instructions or it just doesent work

  • Kazuma

    I didn’t have a “music” file so i put it into “bluetooth” file and it worked. Now I Listen to my dubstep all day! Thank you so much!!!

  • Daniel Eucraine

    A much simpler process is to convert the files to mp3, attach and send them through email, and download them from your phone! It goes straight to the playlist files (well, for my phone it did)

  • jossman073

    Unless you’re a well established computer geek this is all gobbledygook.

  • Noodles.

    What if i have an iphone?

  • http://www.facebook.com/audra.poehls.1 Audra Poehls

    This is amazing! For those of you that are having issues finding your itunes on your computer, mine were not in a folder. I simply opened my itunes, highlighted all of the songs that I wanted to transfer, and then clicked and dragged over to the music folder on my phone. It worked amazingly!

  • http://www.facebook.com/sheila.baxter.92 Sheila Baxter

    why wont my phone send certain music via bluetooth, the option doesnt always appear

  • Hana

    Thank you so much. Very easy to follow. Was a great help.

  • JB

    “Once you plug the cable into your phone and computer, you will see a USB icon in the menu bar on your phone. ” That doesn’t happen for my Samsung Fascinate. It just shows that it’s charging. Please help!

  • ARealHuman

    Thank you very much! This helped me to get my favorite song on my phone (HTC EVO 3D 4G). For those who are experiencing problems trying to do this, I’ll tell you what I did: First, connect your phone to your computer using a USB cord. You should then see a USB symbol in your phone’s drop down menu (if not, check your settings- you may have something blocking it) which you need to tap and select the “mount” option, which means that files can now me added to your device. Next, you need to go into your computer’s start menu, and click computer. You should see your device there listed there as a drive (E: I think…). Click that. You’ll see all of your phone’s files, and you need to look for one named music. Don’t have one? No problem! Make one! Right click where your mouse isn’t highlighting anything, and click new- from there, select folder and give it a name (you can name it anything you want, I just named mine music, since that was what I was adding to my phone). Once that’s done, find the music you want to add to your phone, and then copy and paste it to the newly created file on your phone. Give it time to transfer. Finally, click on the USB symbol on the lower right of your computer and safely remove the USB, then go onto your phone and deselect the “mount” option and put it onto whatever was selected before. You can then unplug the USB wire, and then BOOM! The file is now on your device! Check out the music on your phone and you’ll see the new song you added. Have fun! d-__-b

  • Answer meeee

    Can’t paste the music on the folder!!
    Help ?

  • sucky androids suck shit

    After apple every android feels like a piece of shit. i never had to search how to do basic stuff on my iphone.

  • Susan

    Thank you very much Chris! I had no idea my phone had this capability, and I was about to go buy a MP3 Player! You just saved me money…Awesome! I know…it’s taking me a little while to catch up with the times. Many cudos to you for helping me to get there. :-)

  • fdfdfddfd

    My itunes wont let me drag songs to the folder…. please help!

  • Gabi

    Thank you for your article on the use of my Android. I haven’t applied it yet, but I hope it will prove useful. I did, however, run into a few snags while reading.

    The ‘Mount’ option never appeared on my Android- it called itself ‘mass storage.’ In addition, most of the directions applied only indirectly to my mac (Start Menu, My Computer, etc).

    With all due respect, you may want make this clearer for actual beginners. Most useful would be breaking it into step-by-step instructions, perhaps with pictures. This would also result in less adspeak, like the first and second paragraph have. While they do tell the Android’s history, they aren’t relevant to the point at hand- transferring music. Finally, clearing up typos makes it easier to read and makes you look neater and more professional, as I’m sure you don’t need me to say.

    Why am I picking on you like this? Well, this article was a little hard for me to follow, and I’m an English teacher and reasonably well-versed in the use of computers and cell phones, though new to Androids. In short, I’m the target audience, and I was having trouble following. The above is what would have made it easier for me to understand what you meant.

    Thank you for your time and have a lovely evening,

  • Gabi

    Nevermind- other sources have been infinitely more useful and less prolix.


    YOU!!! :D

  • swoods102577

    That is AWESOME! Thanks for the advice. The trick for me was to make sure that mass storage was on and the SD card was mounted. Connect the USB cord AFTER these steps are taken.

  • bron

    Check that your cable works. My imac could not see my gal note with cable that came with phone…did not transfer data! Only charged the phone…bought new cable now works as it should!

  • johnseerackmen220

    what if it says i can connect my phone to my computer but only my pictures pop up and no files??

  • MichelleBombdiggity

    I got mines to work. I have an Android LG My touch 4g. At 1st when i plugged it in to my laptop, it would only charge.
    Steps I used:
    1.Go to Settings>> Storage
    2.Under USB settings it should say “Mass storage only”. Select that. A pop up should come on your phone and say that you can now transfer files.
    After that, I plugged it in to my computer and I now get a file pop up to add music and pictures. Hope it works for you guys.
    Note: I suggest you have a SD card in at the time you are doing this.

  • DeeStafford

    Thanks for the brilliant guide. My music is transferring as I type this. Got a bit confused at first but once I re-read your steps. Easy.
    Can’t say thank you enough…..I have music again!!!!!
    And after reading all these comments…….what fools these mortals be!!! Its a phone. It does what you tell it. Moaners and haters do my head in. And if anyone is inerested, its a Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 that I have.
    Cheers me’dears.

  • saphique

    It worked like magic. thnx!!!

  • D.RHAN

    what if the usb icon dont show up

  • Moe

    thanks so much! this helped me out alot i was comepletely stumped til’ i red this ; u;

  • zandra

    i synced all the music onto my driod & when i try to play it it just says ” sorry, the player does not support this type of audio file” but i converted everything to MP3 …

  • solo

    yours instructions are not applicable on all android phones

  • gurlzrocxz

    i using my charge cable and it say usb connected but nothing else working my phone didn’t come with any other cable so wat i doooo???!!!!!

  • me

    When I plug it in it just starts charging my phone. Help!!!!

  • Narayan Kumar
  • AK

    Does this work with music that you bought through iTunes as well?

  • chris

    how do transfer music from my computer’s playlist to my garminfone?

  • Hope_and_peace

    Too long;Didn’t read.
    That and I figured it out on my own.

  • MaryFlo

    Ok well i already tried this but i didnt know what i was doing, and so the little USB device thing does not show up on my menu screen and i tried to follow it like this says but i go and look at music and there is still nothing here…and safely remove hardware and stuff like that didnt work, could someone please tell me step by step how i could do this

  • mailn6

    Went on Windows Media Player and used “Sync”. It didn’t work at first, but when I changed it from “Mount” or “Mass Storage Device” to “Media Device/MTP” mode, it recognized it and I sync’d up my library.

    Hope this helps anybody, Motorola Atrix HD, Windows Vista

  • Annie

    It doesn’t work. I followed the instructions exactly several times and the music file is always empty.

  • http://www.facebook.com/cordetta.wiseman.3 Cordetta Wiseman

    thanks a million

  • baller

    how do you drag from itunes?

  • stustix

    yeah so i have an android incredible,…so far its not incredible, especially with music, i found out how to get to the menu bar after hooking it up to my computer so i can press “mount as disk drive” i did that….then it says up there ^ to put your music in the music file on your phone showing up on the “my computer” page….and if there is not a music file, create one…..IT WONT LET ME create one, nor drag and drop, copy and paste, i cannot put anything on my damn phone due to poor instructions. if not that this phone is just fucking stupid

  • doodad69

    Dear Lord this is a convoluted way to simply transfer files, but it worked.

  • Herrow

    Thanks it worked :) ha noobs below me cant do iiiittt, lol

  • confusedorami?

    i still use an old (unsmart) phone – because easy to just copy cds/files/music/pictures etc to the phone and just listen.EASY.

    SO WHY IS IT SO COMPLEX with the new “smart” phones?

    is technology (regarding file exchange and use) going BACKWARDS?

    i see it like this:

    (MY SONY ERICSSON PHONE)download free music from sites,or rip cd to PC,plug in sony ericson v640i,copy mp3 files to phone, listen.simple

    (IPHONE) pay to download music via itunes.listen on iphone.CANT bluetooth the music anywhere.CANT copy music to and from computer easily(even the stuff youv paid for but DONT apparently own)CANT rip a CD to computer then copy to iphone easily.CANT, CANT,CANT, ETC

    erm, so, why should i (inverted commas) “upgrade” to an iphone?

    • pleasure devil

      Do you put your music on your PC also in de WIN folder?

  • emile

    I downloaded a program from this site for me to be able to add music onto my android phone from my mac. No problems adding the music, but now my music volume button is stuck on high and my ringer won’t work. any ideas on what this could be?

  • ipreferboth

    and this is the only reason why I hate android phones…

  • cam

    i cant connect with a usb cord because it only reads it as a plug in source no file settings and it doesnt work how do i do it now?

  • jvbp

    I got sick of HTF Sync malfunctioning. This worked perfectly, thanks.

  • Max

    How do we do that Michael ?!?!?!?!?

    • http://www.facebook.com/lexie.froggirl Lexie Froggirl

      My phone actually plays mp4’s, and I can just drag an itunes song directly from itunes straight into the music file on my phone.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=703815501 James E Lockwood

    How do I trsnsfer songs from my ituned pc to galaxy sIII?

  • San Diego Chli Pepper_2013

    Chris, thank you for this info. It is simple and worked easily with my older HTC myTouch.

  • swtadline

    Please help. I cant get my Samsung Galaxy Android to download songs from my laptop. I plugged in the phone via usb cable, and then I dragged the usb icon down. It then showed the window showing the usb connected and the words mtp connected. I did not see anything that said mount. even when I tapped on it, it just scrolled the window back up. What do I do?? Please help!!

  • blu3

    ok i,m using a nano on win 7. plug in ipod, go to my comp, click on ipod, at top of screen you,ll see search, search music, up comes all ur music in crazy file names, go to desktop and add new file, call it music, drag ur fav trax or select all to new file, took me 1 hour for 441 files, proper job, done

  • drobinson005

    I have a generic phone from at&t walmart. I keep getting an error message saying that there is not enough room on the phone. I have an 8gb card in it now and cannot get my music to download bc of this lack of space. I don’t know how to use this Android phone ugh? It is a Haewui or something like that. Please help!

    • drobinson005

      Also I have not downloaded ANYTHING to the phone. no extra apps only added contacts. just want my music :(

  • disqus_JbLzK3Mc1N

    Thank you so much for such a helpful article. So very much appreciated, you rock!

    Much better then other descriptions, definitely helped.. (I guess that’s obvious, lol).. Thanks guys.. xx :)

  • davidkr666

    Or just download free samsung kies lol

  • Please,I,need,help

    ive done everything right, but when I do “safely remove hardware” i cant find the “USB mass storage” and therefor I cant remove my phone. please help

  • Jess

    I still dont get it. Everytime I drag it it doesn’t work but I have done it before i just forget so I know its not a problem with my phone,

  • Me(;

    Does it work on a laptop?

  • Me(;

    I can’t click on the one that says usb connected in the status bar. Can someone help me?

  • Me

    Okay if your having problems connecting your USB thing on your phone then goto “settings” (on your phone) and find where it says the word “mass” on a sentence. and tick that then it should connect.

  • Liz

    okay this isnt helpful. My phone is plugged into the comupter and I never see the mount button. All I see is windows media player. In the window it says to drag files over and hit the sync button. But when I do nothing appears on my phone! I lost my ipod and Im leaving the country on a trip tomorrow and I NEED my music

    • Trent

      dude, the article is in 2010, and you post this in 2013….. 3 years diffrence…. ” Right now, the G1 Google Android is the only phone on the market using the Android operating system, but more will come into the marketplace. When they do, the steps to loading music might be slightly different, but it is likely they will at least be very similar. ” READ THAT!!

      • Franco

        Trent, are you stupid? Android is on many phones including the new Samsung S4 and HTC One.

        • Grace

          Franco, are you stupid? The guy was quoting from the article, okay?

  • Lee

    i did the first part but there wasn’t anything that said mount or do not mount

  • Ayana

    wow. thanks man. the Usb Connected not works for me. but your Tutorial is work for me from go again to the Start Menu and My Computer until eject the disk :)

  • Mercedes

    Tried it and it worked perfectly! When plugged in to the computer, my Android phone has options for “Charge Only” or “Disk Drive” instead of “Mount or Don’t Mount”, but it’s the same thing. Select “Disk Drive” to mount. Also, I know this post is old, but I think they are compatible with Mp4 files now! I downloaded some brand new music to itunes and transferred it and it worked! Thank you so much for the post!

  • Mast

    thanks for the info but it didn’t work on on my nexus 4(

  • Junaid Khan

    Oh i Already use itunes…and itools………its very easy …..thanx for telling……………:)

  • wykline

    I am using synctunes app which does everything for you and is wireless – it is amazing!

  • k smith

    My galaxy nexus does not display the USB connected icon at all and my computer doesnt recognize the phone either. In setting I checked that it is set to connect as a media device.

    • Ricky

      I have the exact same problem with my Nexus, but I can connect it via Bluetooth to my PC. But, I still keep getting the error message when I try to move my music from my PC to the phone.

  • b jones

    i want music from my PHONE to my LAPTOP and i did it once before it just wont do it again

  • Mickey

    Nope. Don’t fuckin work. Works on newer models. not on my stupid ass HTC incredible though.

  • Valentin

    My HTC one mini won’t do that >.>

  • Bernard

    Just buy an iPhone

    • LOLA

      yeah right, cuz I totally have the money laying around… :/

      • Bernard

        Too bad

        • Grey Wolf

          I’d rather not support Chinese slave labor, “Bernard”. Thanks all the same. Enjoy your drone-phone.

          • http://matt.mn/ Matt Sandy

            They are made at the same factories.

            • Grey Wolf

              WRONG, Same country, not same factories. Not same work ethic. Nice try though.

            • PCZero

              You mean when Jobs said to President Obama’s face, when asked what could be done to get Apple to bring the iPhone manufacturing jobs back to the states that he would never bring those jobs back to the USA because he doesn’t care about whether Americans have jobs or not? Or the fact that the Chinese people who make the iPhones are forced to live in the factory itself, wake up, eat a biscuit with a cup of tea (while working, immediately) and continue to work all day, only to be sent back to bed in the same said factory when it’s all done?

              They’re basically kept as prisoners. Yes, some Android and iPhone components actually are made often in the same factories. However, APPLE, is what conscripted this business format, these factories were built for them. Not a joke, read the story about how Jobs raged about the prototype iPhones having a plastic screen that was murdered by his keys in his pockets and how his execs went to China, had a manufacturing wing made by this Chinese company and then went out of their way to take away as many American jobs as possible, then gloated about it in the President’s face.

              Enjoy your anti-American bad Apple, Mister Wolf. Clearly you need to eat more fruit anyway as you clearly don’t get enough fiber in your diet. Because then you wouldn’t be so full of shit.

    • misu

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    • Konohamaru’s friend

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      Sorry bro.

      • Adam

        Get a life moron!!

    • MIstwalker

      Yeah, just buy an iPhone. Who needs dragging and dropping when you can spend an hour trying to get iTunes to work properly? Also, you have the added benefit of having to spend far more money for a phone that’s about as good as an android phone from about two years ago. And you don’t have to worry about knowing when to get a new phone, because Apple will let you know by releasing updates to iOS that cripple the model you have now.

    • geoff

      Just got rid of my I phone ,now I have a moto g lots better phone.another tip don’t join cloud with apple you have to pay to retreave your stuff

  • bidkar159

    Thank-you it worked perfectly, First time too, even after 3 years. Thanks much

  • Grey Wolf

    LOL…not really giving a shit, folx. Play on though…Play on. I think you sh- wait…my IPhone is ringing…!

  • Anonymous

    doesnt say mount or unmount for me just doesnt connects but doesnt let me transfer files

    • Krissa Meroney

      Same Here. Help?

  • Dana

    Transferred 40 songs successfully but suddenly quit adding song title and started designating them Track 1, Track 2, etc. Tried deleting them from the phone and re-adding them with no success. Is there a way to get the song titles back on the files?

    • shelly

      I can transfer mp3 in phone why

  • Mary Ann Craddock

    Downloaded songs on my Nexus phone How do I transfer to a file on my computer

  • UFCIsSux

    Transferred a bunch of MP3 files to the Microsd on my phone, but only about 1 out of 10 of them actually plays. The rest give a “MP3 Not Recognized” or “[PROGRAM] cannot play this file” error message. And the ones that don’t play have “UNKNOWN” for artist, even in spite of me adding artist information using MP3tag. Any suggestions?

  • Taursn

    I recently bought an android i’ve had them for years but this new one only charges when off and since that it won’t let me select USB so i can’t add music. Why is this?

  • Adam

    Matt, get a fuckin life you cunt!!

  • http://geostphoto.com George Star

    All I see is the battery icon on the phone and nothing on my Win7 computer.

  • lee

    Thank you so much! I knew there was a way to download files onto my phone!


    How would I transfer music from my phone to my mp3

  • FallOutGirl

    I’ve done this many times before and it has always worked. But now when I’m trying to download music to my phone, it isn’t working! It is showing that it has downloaded and is taking up space on the SD card, but the music isn’t actually on there. It hasn’t appeared on Google Music like before or in downloads or anywhere! Can someone please help and tell me how I can fix this?

  • Lil Bit

    No no no trying to get music OFF the phone to disc on laptop to burn

  • twobitcoder

    Seriously, you’re explaining what an Android phone is, when the title is a technical article about it?

  • WHY?

    Why do I have to login to leave a comment?

  • Mary Healey

    For those of us who did not grow up with computers or smart phones your directions for downloading music to a mobile device is like reading a foreign language. #1 I have an XP operating system,have no idea how to navigate anything except e-mail, and browse websites and print on Word. Other than that I do not have a clue!! Where can I get one on one training?

  • Steve Kohn

    Getting music onto my Galaxy S3 is simple: drag and drop from the Music folder on my hard drive to the Music folder on the phone. Couldn’t be easier, and I’m grateful.

    My question, though, is: Can I create folders within the phone’s Music folder — bluegrass, jazz, rock, folk, classical, etc — and put the appropriate albums into the folders?

    And if I can (because that’s just basic file management), what will I see on the phone in Music? Will I see folders named bluegrass, jazz, rock, folk, classical, etc, and if I touch them, will I see the albums inside them?

    That’s what I’m hoping for.

    Has anyone ever done it?