How to set up Google Drive for desktop syncing


You have Google Drive on your smartphone, but what about your desktop or laptop? Did you know that you can setup Google Drive on your home computer to automatically sync files to the cloud? It’s really easy, and it’s a huge time saver. It’s especially helpful if you lose a file, but can keep your peace of mind knowing that it was automatically backed up to the cloud.

Details after the break on how to set it up.

Google Drive and desktop syncing


Setting up Google Drive for desktop syncing is essentially the same process for Windows and Mac. The first step is to, of course, download the application to your computer and install it. You can do that by clicking here. Google will automatically detect if you’re on a Mac or Windows, and let you download the corresponding file for free.

Once you have everything setup with your Google account, setting up desktop syncing is easy! Make sure your Google Drive application is open. If it isn’t, you can head into Finder > Applications > Google Drive on Mac or Start > Programs > Google Drive on Windows.


Next, you’ll want to click on the hamburger Menu button and select Preferences.

From there, you can change up how the desktop sync settings work. Any files you want to sync with Google Drive will have to go into the newly created Google Drive folder in Finder or Windows Explorer.


But, you can choose which Google Drive folders sync with your computer. You can select all of Google Drive.


Alternatively, you can go through and select and deselect certain folders you want to sync with your computer. Selecting all of Google Drive is a little less time consuming in that you don’t have to wade through all of that depending on how big your Google Drive database is.


That’s all there is to it! Setting up Google Drive for desktop syncing on your Mac or Windows device is quick and easy.

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  • Issemann

    Does anyone know how I can get the Google Sync app/utility to sync with my NAS drive?

    • Stevens

      If the drive is on the network, you should be able to drop the Drive folder into the NAS drive and put your folders into the Drive folder (in the NAS drive).

  • Sinead

    I installed google drive for my desktop and none of the docs I upload are replicated in the google drive on my android tablet (even though I’m using the same gmail address). Does anyone know how I can get them to replicate?! I need to work between the two devices so I’m looking to keep the master copy on google drive. I’d be very grateful for suggestions!

  • surreyprofessional

    People are using these technologies for immoral purposes. They share pornography and vile things. They do immoral acts. It is very bad.

  • Christoph Mueller

    We use google drive for our company and most of our employees use the computer application so we can work in the offline mode. This generally works, yet, due the large amount of data that is shared among the employees, certain employees are having difficulties with disk space on the local computer. Here is my question: Is there a setting that can check or uncheck certain folders of being synched to the hard drive? For instance if only a few folders need to be accessed from the offline mode, is there a way to unselect those from synching and saving on the local disk? Thanks for your inpur

  • Garry

    Try KrojamSync file software. Its free and easy.