Samsung Galaxy S7 Active specifications


The Samsung Galaxy S7 Active is an exclusive device for AT&T customers. Only those who belong to AT&T can purchase the ultra-durable phone that doesn’t give up the high-end specifications we’re used to with the Galaxy S7. Samsung kept the high resolution display, snappy processor, and a versatile camera. The real difference between the Galaxy S7 Active and the Galaxy S7 is design as the former is ready for drops and spills of all types, and Samsung raised the battery capacity up to 4000mAh.

Hit the break for the spec sheet.

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‘Can you hear me now?’ guy switches to Sprint


An iconic character from the world of advertising has made the move from Verizon to Sprint. For years Paul Marcarelli was the “face” of Verizon after an advertising campaign from years ago in which he asked viewers, “can you hear me now?” To this day the line remains part of the cultural lexicon. Starting last night during the NBA Finals, Marcarelli is now appearing in advertising for Sprint, extolling the improvements made to their network and the savings they can provide to consumers. Read more

Sprint, Uber team up to help you get to Copa América Centenario matches


This weekend soccer fans in the U.S., including those traveling in from around the globe, will enjoy the start of the Copa América Centenario tournament. Capitalizing on this special event, Sprint has teamed up with Uber in a special promotion that will benefit the carrier’s customers who need to get to one of the event stadiums to catch a match. Sprint users who hitch a ride using Uber will get 50% off, up to $25, their Uber ride fee. Read more

AT&T announces new program to thank their customers


AT&T announced today a new appreciation program called AT&T thanks designed to show their customers “how much they mean to us.” Customers with AT&T do not need to do anything to participate in the program. There are no sign-ups required, no fees or waiting periods. Perhaps not surprising given moves to acquire DirecTV and with more involvement in content, the new AT&T program is entertainment-centric. Read more