Sprint’s branding relaunch of Virgin Mobile is still coming in 2017


Sprint has struggled to stay competitive in a quickly changing market, especially since T-Mobile has been incredibly aggressive on the lower-end of the spectrum. This has forced the carrier to focus on just one segment of their business at a time, and since SprintĀ has itself spread over multiple brands, some portions have lost quite a bit of ground to competitors.

Sprint merging with T-Mobile remains possible, John Legere says


No, this isn’t a throwback post. There’s yet again a chance a merger between T-Mobile and Sprint actually happens in the future. The subject came up at CES 2017, and T-Mobile’s CEO wouldn’t deny the possibility despite insulting the competitor just minutes before. It brings us back to 2013-2014 when Softbank, Sprint’s parent company, began pursuing T-Mobile with a major investment.

Sprint jumps on Trump train to bring jobs to the U.S.


Wireless carrier Sprint announced today that they were making a commitment to either create or move jobs back to the U.S. during 2017. According to their announcement, the company plans to add 5,000 jobs to their U.S. workforce during the year. Spring CEO Marcelo Claure specifically indicates the move is part of an effort to “work with President-Elect Trump and his Administration to do our part to drive economic growth and create jobs in the U.S.”

T-Mobile will tell everyone What’s Next at CES 2017


It’s been a few months since T-Mobile unveiled their T-Mobile ONE plans to mixed reception, and apparently now John Legere gets constantly bugged throughout the day what the next Un-carrier move is going to be. Whether it’s on Twitter, at the dentist, or at the grocery store, everyone is constantly bugging this high-profile CEO about trade secrets. There’s a YouTube video to prove it.

Verizon makes a U-turn and decides to kill Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices


The end is nigh for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 as the manufacturer has announced a software update rolling out soon that will kill any devices not yet replaced by consumers. Distribution of the update is being handled by carriers in the U.S., which resulted in the situation where Verizon was apparently going to be the lone holdout. In a new update from the carrier, Verizon has reversed course and will issue a patch for the devices in a manner similar to other carriers.