Update to Google Maps Android app allows you to share directions [APK Download]


Google Maps was updated today to version 9.3. You won’t find too many new things, but one notable is the ability to share your directions with others. Just search for a place or address, then select the type of navigation, followed by your route selection. Then hit the three dot menu at the top right, and you will see the Share Directions option.

Tapping on Share Directions will open the normal Android Share Menu, allowing you to share the complete text and Google Maps link to apps such as Gmail, Hangouts, Facebook, or whatever shows up in your Share Menu.

The update won’t hit all devices for several days so we have the APK download link, as well as the Google Play link after the break.

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Samsung offers to purchase BlackBerry


In the surprise news of the day, Samsung recently made an offer to buy BlackBerry for $7.5 billion. Reuters is reporting that Samsung set the initial price range of $13.35 to $15.49 per share, which translates to a premiumof 38 percent to 60 percent over the current trading price.

So what would Samsung want with such a failing company? According to Reuters, it’s all about the patents. BlackBerry owns roughly 44,000 patents, worth approximately $1.43 billion in net book value. However, a lot of analysts think they are worth much more. Unfortunately BlackBerry isn’t interested in selling only the patents, so Samsung would need to buy the whole company in order to obtain them.

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HTC Hima Ace Plus specs leak, a bigger version of the Hima


As we await the announcement of the HTC Hima or HTC One (M9), we are now getting word on what is being referred to as the Hima Ace Plus. The Ace Plus will supposedly be a larger version of the Hima, or as some like to call, a phablet. If you remember, HTC came out with the One Max a year and half ago, which was a larger One (M7), however, they didn’t release a larger One (M8).

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The Project Ara Developer Conference Keynote starts at 11:00am ET today and you can watch it right here

project-ara-theverge-2_1020 (1)

The 2nd Project Ara Developer Conference is taking place this week, and you don’t want to miss the keynote which starts at 11:00am ET. With the release of the Ara Modular Developers Kit (MDK), we are that much closer to seeing a consumer product. The keynote could bring us the news as to when, plus a whole lot of other useful information. We have the live stream for you right after the break.

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Google Translate gets instant translation and Word Lens [Updated with APK download]


As previously reported, Google has made Google Translate more powerful with instant translation and Word Lens, solidifying it as the go-to app for all your translations.

Word Lens will translate street signs or any text instantly. Previously you needed to capture an image to translate. Now with Word Lens, all you need to do is hold your phone’s camera over the text and the translation appears instantly. Even better, you don’t need an internet connection. For starters, this feature will translate English to and from French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

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[Deal] Grab Runtastic Pro for Free today


It’s a new year, which means it’s time to get in shape. There are a number of apps to help with your workouts, and Runtastic Running & Fitness is one of the top rated ones for sure. A lot of people think of it as a running app, but it’s a lot more than that. Runtastic will map your workouts in real-time with GPS, monitor exercise progress, and provide you with advanced statistics, as well as graphs. It tracks all your cardio workouts by duration, distance, elevation change, calories burned, more. It’s also compatible with Google Fit and Android Wear.

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Not one but two Galaxy S 6 phones to be announced in March along with a circular smartwatch


The Galaxy S phone usually gets announced around February or March, so it’s no surprise that the plan remains the same this year. Reports indicate a March release at Mobile World Congress, but what might be different this time is that we could see two variants of the Galaxy S 6 get announced this year.

It’s been rumored before, but it looks like Samsung will release a curved edge display version of the Galaxy S 6 along with the “regular” version. Whether it will be one curved edge, like the Galaxy Note Edge or be a double curved edge remains to be seen, but I suspect with LG showing off a dual curved edge prototype at CES, Samsung is likely going to try their best at being the first to market.

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Samsung’s newest metal phone is the Galaxy A7


Samsung has already unleashed the Galaxy A3 and the Galaxy A5, so it’s no surprise that they just announced the Galaxy A7. Just like its predecessors, it sports a partial metal build, but it’s more powerful and has a larger screen.

The A7 sports a 5.5-inch 1080p (1920 x 1080) AMOLED display, a 64-bit octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 processor featuring both 1.8 GHz quad-core and 1.3 GHz quad-core processors (1.5 GHz and 1.0 GHz for the dual-SIM version), 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of internal storage, microSD slot for expandable storage, 13 MP rear camera, 5 MP front-facing camera, 2,600 mAh battery. To top it off, it comes in a 6.3 mm body.

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Here’s how to temporarily stop Google Now from notifying you of sports scores to avoid spoilers


As you know, Google Now will update you with the scores of your favorite teams. Although much slower than other services, it does work nicely. However, there might be situations in which you’re going to be out and you plan on recording (DVR) the game to watch later as if it were live. In those situations, you definitely don’t want to hear anything about the game. Well Google Now has an easy way to fix that. Just temporarily stop Google Now from updating you. Here’s how…

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Chrome OS to get a new file manager with Material Design


The file manager in Chrome OS is functional, but it’s a little boring. The good news is that it’s going to get a little Material Design love pretty soon.

A number of screenshots are in Google’s official Material Design documentation shows the file manager with a new look. The images could be just examples or they could be for Google Drive, but we can only assume that Google make add some Material Design flare to the file manager since everything will get it eventually and a bug report reveals they are working on it. The new Files icon appears to be ready for Chrome version 42, so Material Design might show up alongside it.

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