Max Payne Coming Soon To Mobile Devices

One of the most incredible games I can remember playing is Max Payne. Occasionally I even go to lengths in order to replay it, years later. You play as Max Payne, an ex-DEA and NYPD officer whose wife and child were brutally murdered at the hands of addicts high on “Valkyr”. On top of that, while on the Valkyr case, you’re framed for the murder of your partner, Alex. You’ve got to run from the feds while trying to piece together your family’s murder.

The game is reportedly making it’s way over to mobile devices in the near future, and Rockstar says it will have a release date settled soon. I for one am extraordinarily excited for this one, since the game utilizes a matrix-like bullet time mechanic that should give you no shortage of slow-motion justice. Complimented by an incredibly narrated plot that really pulls you in, Max Payne should be the culprit of many dead batteries once it’s released.

source: rockstar

  • JessSayin

    Awesome! One of the best games I’ve EVER played. Hopefully they’ll bring back Mona Sax as well. Fantastic!!!!!!