AutoHTN Brings Home Automation To Android

Here at Talk Android we’ve covered many of the leading Android applications currently in development ranging from simple 2-D video games to more complex mobile social networks. A new application on our radar is Auto Home Theatre Network (AutoHTN) which is sure to be a big hit with home entertainment enthusiasts

If you thought home theatre automation was just a play toy of the rich, then you’re probably right. But thanks to the guys at and the Android project, such automation just got a little bit more affordable!

AutoHTN is an Android application that allows the user to control their home theatre network, giving them the ability to automate and control lighting, security sensors, cameras, electrical outlets, thermostats, streaming video from a HTPC, window blinds, and receivers.

Here’s a few examples of the capability of AutoHTN with the android platform:

  • If you’re on vacation, you can turn on lights to make it look like you’re home. You could also use your house’s web cams to make sure the house is safe.
  • If an intruder broke into your house while you’re gone, the motion detector will send an alert and you can see the intruder through the web cams. You can now scare him away by flashing the lights or blasting some ear-throbbing music by turning the receiver on.
  • If you’re at work, you can use the motion detector alert to notify you when your kids get home from school. You can even switch to the house web cam to see them.

HTN believe Android has the capability to bring home theatre automation to the masses:

“we lacked a device that would make home automation practical and useful. An internet enabled phone capable of running home automation software is what is missing”.

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