One Click Root For Samsung Captivate

There is a one click root the Droid X. DroidMod just updated their Android app to root the Droid, Evo, and Droid X within the app. It was only a matter of time before someone decided to make a one click root method for the Samsung Galaxy S series. Sorry to everyone else though, this one is only for the Captivate.

TGA_Gunnman over at XDA Developers has created an almost identical application to the one click root for the Droid X. It is a simple application that that has only two buttons: One-Click Root, and One-Click Unroot (Unroot button isn’t shown above). Like the Droid X method, this only works on Windows (sorry Mac users). Also, this has only been tested to work with Android 2.1, so whenever that update shows up don’t do it unless you aren’t thinking of rooting at the time.

To use the application, go to the link located in the source below. Make sure you read all the instructions and understand the risks before rooting your device. It also has a pretty decent thread for any questions other users have had, so if you are having any trouble this would help. Once you’re ready, download the file and follow the instructions. You’ll be running some sort of froyo ROM in no time.

[via: XDA Developers]

  • GodsMalak

    Any word on how well this is working out?! I’m getting mine next week and wanted to know if anyone has had success or not…

  • Leo Zaldivar

    works, and is fast and easy…only thing thats hard is downloading everything cuz it takes time but thats no biggie

  • Jacy York

    I tried this on my captivate and all I get is a message saying that “#MANUAL MODE# gone”.
    e: Can’t mount /dev/block/vold/179:9
    (no such file or directory)
    E: can’t mount
    Installation aborted gone

  • Scott

    trying to do this and my phone goes to this downloading screen and won’t get past it. dunno what’s goin on

  • FukDis Site

    Where is the fucking link to download this? What a stupid fucking website.

  • mrshon77

    tried this and everything went fine until the reboot; it will not verify the signiture.

  • Frederick Ybarra

    Just had my phone rooted trying to remove the bloatware spent 4 hrs in A fast food establishment with some guy and the app he istalled will not open for me to use HELP