Costco Has Online/In-Store Deal for Galaxy Nexus, Comes With Free Extended Battery

Even with all that hoopla about the CDMA Galaxy Nexus no longer being an official developer device it is still an amazing phone (with a lot of developer support still). If you are wanting this phone but aren’t wanting to drop the $299.99 for it Costco is running an online deal congruent with local Costco stores for a short time only. As you can see from the ad above, you only have until the 7th to take advantage of it and here’s how you can.

Head on over to your local store to get the device for $219 after a bonus $20 discount. Heck, they will even throw in an extended battery for, ready for it, free. In order to get these bonus accessories you will have to mail in for them. It’s well worth it for a $60 battery. So hurry up and get on this deal as soon as you can. If you haven’t already you can check out our full review on this device. Afterwards take a stab at rooting the device and throw a good ROM on it. Enjoy!

source: Droid-Life