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Mystery Samsung Phone Appears, Mock Up Of Galaxy S III?

Hmmmmm, the above picture of the Samsung device sure doesn’t look familiar. It’s not the Galaxy Note, so could this be an actual mock up of what will be the Galaxy S III?

The mysterious phone made its brief appearance during a video Samsung released to commemorate its press conference at CES 2012. You can see the phone casually being used by an actor appearing after the 7-minute mark in the video. Of course this phone again could be a mock up and perhaps pure speculation, but this phone sure does grab one’s attention, doesn’t it? This is especially true with this mystery phone’s gorgeous screen that appears to be bigger than the 4.3-inch Galaxy S II and more in line with the Galaxy Note. Also of note is the top bar and more specifically– the battery icon appearing to be a tad different than traditional Androids, but again we can’t stress this enough: this could just be a mock up, not an actual depiction of the Galaxy S III.

Stay tuned with Talk Android for updates regarding this mysterious Sammy device. In the meantime, check out the video below to get a better view of the mystery phone in action.

YouTube Preview Image 

(mysterious phone appears at 7:11 in clip)

[via All About Samsung]


  • nauriz

    looks SO thin !!

  • aloydaleksy

    Hi buddy, thanks for this review. Samsung Galaxy SIII is very stylist phone. I’m impressed by its look and configuration is well satisfying. It’s a good phone. Keep it up.

  • john grant

    Yeah, I also think that this is a mock up, and Samsung made it appear on the video to have an idea on how people will receive it.