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Hands on with Augmented Reality apps utilizing the Qualcomm Augmented Reality SDK [Video]

We had a chance to sit down with the Qualcomm Augmented Reality team. and wow, did we seem some really cool stuff. A little over a year ago, Qualcomm hosted an Augmented Reality Developer Competition followed by the Augmented Reality SDK last April, which is now being marketed under the Vuforia name. We haven’t seen too much from either of these ventures up until today, and it looks like Qualcomm’s investment is really starting to payoff as there are about 300 or so apps in the works or available now. Many of them are still yet to be released, but we had a hands on demo of three really cool apps. Of the ones in the video, Moosejaw X-RAY and 3illiards (a billiards game) is available now in the Android Market and we have download links below. The Sesame Street Street Workshop is coming soon. Folks, we have some really exciting stuff here.

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Download links after the break.

Moosejaw X-RAY

App Market Link


3illiards Free

Android Market Link


3illiards Paid – $1.31 (adds multiplayer)

Android Market Link


Click here for more information about Vuforia and here for more featured apps.

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  • Traian Nitu

    omg, i just played 3lliards. this concept is beyond cool. i absolutely love it!