Android Update RC9 For The UK

Android update RC9 has begun its rollout across the United Kingdom today with many users having reported system update messages on their G1’s.

You can find more discussion on this latest UK update on our forums here:

Have you received your UK update yet? Let us know in the comments!

  • PBDroid

    Weds 04/03/09 – I live in London and still no update.
    My G1 owning friend has his Rc0…where’s mine???

    ALSO – Can the RC9 provide flash, v-keyboard, a butler, a sportscar and some liposuction please???

  • Simon

    I live in West Sussex and received my RC9 update around 1.30am this morning.

  • cmantito

    I got my UK RC9 while roaming in the US this afternoon, but I haven’t seen a single new feature yet…

  • Dave Lee

    I got mine on sunday at about 13:00 hours.. No obvious added features. My memory card still won’t mount on my mac :o( and blueooth file transfer is still missing which sucks but otherwise it’s fine.

  • Matt fillary

    i have the update and i also have the paid apps option in the marketplace, the only thing missing is the apps. It just says “No matching content in Android Market”

  • Steve

    Got update as I turned my phone on at midday.

    Matt is indeed correct, go to market>apps/games>all apps/games, hit the menu button, change view and you can now select all apps, paid apps or free apps. Sadly a “No matching content in Android Market” does indeed display, but one assumes the apps just need releasing to the UK market first – shouldn’t be long now! If you don’t already have a Google Checkout account, I’d start thinking about it if you own a G1…..

  • Steve

    Thinking about it, I’ve never pressed the Menu button in the Market before… Is the My Downloads button new?

    Maybe there’s more.

  • Craig

    I haven’t recieved yet; in central London.


  • Andrew

    No update here yet in manchester…. :-(

  • Baldev Singh

    Not much change I have seen so far, would be happy if there was soft keyboard and so on…………..


    My wife has a white phone and she got her update at 3am 28th feb – mine is black g1 and got mine about the same time as everyone else – there are subtle differences between the white and black I generally software right from when we purchased Nov 1 2008 They messed the back lighting on the white g1 keyboard . The email doesn,t error anymore so that’s good.

  • matt b

    Just got mine in east sussex. Can’t see any changes tho. Still no video on cam!

  • Glenn Miles

    I got my upgrade yesterday and now my wifi won’t stay on. Anyone know how to rollback?

  • Glenn Miles

    Ah, now I’m getting a warning message “Process android.process.acore is not responding”. Anything with “core” in the title that isn’t working properly can’t be good!

  • Max

    I’ve got the JF RC9 update, non-uk SIMs get Latitude from what I’ve gathered but no voice search. Additionally msn, yahoo and aim have been removed from the IM application.

  • Glenn Miles

    Fixed my wifi problem with a factory reset after update.

  • Jason Dodd

    I received this update at 1.30am on the 11th feb if i remember rightly. not actualy found any new or reasonable changes :S

  • Manpaal Singh

    i still havent had any updates, what shall i do.

  • danny

    just installed my update this morning… now i need to update all my apps… looks a little different not much change wouldnt mind the onscreen keyboard for messages.

    another thing.. how long did peoples sd card take to prepare iv had it showin for a good 40minutes

  • HelenAnne

    My SD card has been preparing for about 5 hours now.

    Don’t like the look of it! Won’t be happy if this update has messed my SD card up!

    Anybody else had similar experiences?

  • Jason Dodd

    Urm i dont think the Prep should take that long, mine updated this morning at 8am and took 5mins tops.

  • Олег Лебедев

    Статья вроде старая уже, но я только сегодня ее прочитал. Прикольно, что тут скажешь. :)

  • daniel reyes

    my g1 says process android.process.acore not responding how to fix it?

  • Bone

    I Didnt Get Anythin New Either… BUT, My Screen Wont Touch At Times Now …Need Help

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