HTC Desire getting official Android 2.2 rollout tomorrow

HTC has promised that the Legend, Wildfire, and Desire would all be getting Android 2.2 sometime in Q3 of this year, and by the looks of some tweets by one of the directors at HTC Europe, Mark Moon. The above picture has been translated by Google Translate, and with the tweet stating that HTC will start rolling out 2.2 updates to Desire handsets tomorrow then get the other two devices later. However I wonder if this is just for European HTC units or worldwide.

This news makes sense with the news of all of the recent leaks for official Android 2.2 updates for many devices, as well as the fact that the Droid Incredible, Droid, and Droid X are expected to start getting 2.2 in August. It looks like manufacturing companies have finished their testing of 2.2 on most of their handsets and are ready to release them to us. This is great news for Desire owners who have been waiting for the 2.2 update. We all know that there are probably ways of getting 2.2 on your device that isn’t official, but for those people that don’t want to risk damaging their device this means you don’t have to wait much longer.

Since this is the first of the three announced HTC handsets to get the 2.2 update, does this sway your decision on which phone you are thinking of getting? It will be the first Android phone to get an official 2.2 update since the Nexus One, but if you feel like waiting it definitely wont be the last.

  • kevin

    Yay finally =) was waiting for that!

  • V

    I hope this is for real!

  • Matt Sanderson

    Well, today came and there’s no update.

  • andrea

    ….nobody understand the real meaning of “tomorrow”…… tomorrow is just…tomorrow :-D ….like…. “can you give me soma money? yes, tomorrow”

  • alistair

    Typical. They keep dangling the carrot, but never deliver.
    Just remember all the update rumours for hero!

  • gnom

    It’s the 31th and nothing happend. It is like always, tomorrow, tomorrow or even tomorrow … This is really frustrating :-(

  • pnlrogue1

    It’s official – unlocked versions are rolling out today but if, like most people, you bought it from a network like T-Mobile or Orange, you have to wait “Several more weeks”

  • Captain Biscuit

    What happens if you unlock your device though?. I’m going to give that a go this morning and will post on here what happens.

  • rabyburns

    I bought mine from a 3rd party company on contract from t-mobile but im sure the phone is unlocked, im currently using a orange sim in it?

  • Captain Biscuit

    Yeah mine is already unlocked through o2. Tried a Vodafone sim card today and it worked. Hopefully I will get the upgrade this weekend

  • Philip

    This is no rumor. Htc has sent an email to all desire users (at least in sweden) saying that i would begin this weekend.

  • gamer

    downloading 2.2 at the moment has arrived

  • mark

    Using 2.2 right now. Unlocked Desire on Vodafone UK. Checked for updates about an hour ago and there it was! Download took about 5-6 mins (90mb). Install took about 10mins. Looks no different, however 720p video cam available and iPlayer / TV catch-up works at last :-) I would say the phone is a little more responsive as well. Will keep checking it out.

  • Captain Biscuit

    I’m unlocked on o2. Nothing yet

  • gnom

    Does anybody now when froyo OTA arrives in New Zealand? My phone is unbranded and unlocked. Bought it in Taiwan.

  • gamer

    is anybody having trouble putting apps on sd card with the 2.2 update not getting the option