Yup… Verizon Wireless Customers To Pay Extra $2 When Paying Bills Online

Verizon is set to create an unwanted trend among the mobile carriers. Starting January 15, 2012, Verizon plans to charge its mobile subscribers a new $2 fee every time they pay their wireless bills online or directly over the phone.Verizon has yet to come out and provide a formal response or press release regarding this, but the company can bet it will receive staunch criticism from both customers and the media.

Keep in mind this doesn’t apply to all Verizon customers. Verizon will not be charging the fee to those of you paying with an electronic or paper check, enrolled in automatic bill pay using a debit or credit card and finally, those paying with a Verizon gift or rebate card. Despite this, this is not the type of precedent to set if you’re a leader in an industry— especially if you’re the largest mobile carrier and experience record growth annually.

If you’re an Android owner or Verizon subscriber, feel free to let us know what you think and feel about this in the Comments section below.

[via CNET]

  • Anonymous

    Maybe we all should show up at their stores to pay our bills and pay it in cash!!  LOL!! That way they would have to hire a cashier and have the armored car show up more!!  

  • Anonymous

    Maybe we all should show up at their stores to pay our bills and pay it in cash!!  LOL!! That way they would have to hire a cashier and have the armored car show up more!!  

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jason-Adams/829461505 Jason Adams

    I will now pay my $200 bill in pennies at the store every month.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Richard-Yamin/100002903784723 Richard Yamin

    Funny thing is I get a 15% discount from Verizon because my work has an enterprise account and they get us another 3% discount if we pay online. Now there going to back change us $2.00 per month. I will pass this our to our account administrator.

  • Tfallin

    Its bad enough I’m paying an expensive bill $300. You want to charge $2.00 more give me a break. Businesses keep going up but our paycheck doesn’t. I don’t live in. the white house and get paid $100000 when I retire if I can retire. Please reconsider.

  • Anonymous

    What is amazing to me is the arrogance of these
    corporations who refuse to learn from the identical mistakes made by others…as
    in Bank of America and Netflix. I bailed out of both of these “services” because
    of their greed and now I have to consider moving to an inferior carrier? Where
    does it end?  

  • Dnldprit

    I think it is time I call AT&T. I pay them $200. A month. I’m not paying a fee to pay my bill. How stupid are they. Good by Verizon. I will miss you.

  • Jim Croan

    The way we pay lets us off the hook for the$2.00 that would have been added to our $225.00 monthly bill.  That said I am highly ticked at this insult.  If I could find a carrier that could replace them I certainly would…they are taking advantage of their customers. Shameful.

  • Lilleyen

    The whole idea behind online payments was to save money (for the ISP) and they profited big time when we all got on board.
    Now they want to ding us again?
    How greedy can you get?

  • Curt


    The way I read this, if you pay by bank account, not a credit/debit card as one time payments, then this charge will not apply. Unless I am reading this wrong, this will not apply to a lot of people.

    I pay my bill online, using my bank account (that would be with routing/account numbers, not credit card).  When you use a credit/debit card, that would be routed through a credit card clearing house with charges 3-5% depending on the agreement with the clearing house. A company as big as Verizon, the charges might be lower than that considering the amount of money flowing through them.  By using bank accounts, the clearing house is not involved, thus saves them money on processing.

    If you use myVerizon, then setup your payment with your bank account, not credit card. I know that people will say that it is not as secure as a credit card, but I have been paying my bill this way for close to 10 years and never had a breach of my account because of them. I feel secure enough to do this.

    With all this said, I think that Verizon is wrong if they put this fee in place. They are trying to recoup costs, but with the amount of new customers that they get every month/quarter/year, I would think that they would just eat the costs that they have with the online bill payment feature as a cost of doing business. But with all public companies, their shortsightedness of short term profits/expenditures cloud their long term judgement of what is good for the company. While the accountants look at the amount of money they could save/earn through this fee is defeated by the amount of bad will that they will get from the said fee. They are already taking a hit on the 4g outages this month, do they really want to compound the bad press/piss customers off by instituting this fee on top of that? Again, shortsightedness on their part.

    Let your voices be heard if this comes to the light of day and they go ahead with this.But change the way you pay your bill if you come under the umbrella of getting the $2.00 surcharge, so you don’t have to pay it.

  • Moyheronthego

    more greed ,when is enough enough.pay them for the pleasure of paying them what the heck