Get 50GB of Storage Through Without Root With This Sneaky App

If you are the owner of a Sony Xperia Play or any one of the various LG smartphones then you should be aware of the deal where Box is giving away a 50GB upgrade to its cloud storage service until  the end of this year. This means that you have until the day after tomorrow to get in a 50GB lifetime storage limit. This deal however, did leave the rest of us out in the cold. Perhaps the reason for this was some sort of promotional deal between, Box, LG, and Sony as a way to make their phones more marketable, but alas, I do not know for sure.

But fear not if you aren’t the owner of a Xperia and LG smart phone as the folks over at XDA have created an app that will give any Box account the 50GB upgrade. Thanks to redphx you can do this without needing to root and editing your build.prop or even witchcraft. All this program requires is the ability to log into your Box account.

Just a heads up, this app does require permission for Internet Access which may frighten folks as you are using your login in to get this deal. While the developer assures everyone using the app that neither email or password is stored it’s hard to tell in this day and age. It’s recommended that you change your password after you use this program which should help you feel more comfortable after you do use this app. After using this app it does show me as having 50GB of storage on both the web site and in the app.

With that said, I would recommend going out and trying the app by following the link below. You do not need to keep the app installed to keep the 50GB of storage so you can use it and uninstall it when you’re done. I would get on this before Box wises up and fixes the workaround or before the ball drops the day after tomorrow and the deal is gone. Anyone out there jump on this deal yet?

com.redphx.boxnet-1.1.apk download

[via XDA]


About the Author: Jack Holt

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  • Vineet Dhanawat

    Works like a charm! :D

    • Jayhad

      I downloaded it.. but it says “cannot open file”… any idea or help:(

      • Jayhad

        Edit: ok.. got it to install and opened the app.. but when I enter my email & password.. I’m getting “login error” notification.. any advise is appreciated:(

        • Scottieg59

          User a file manager and browse directly to the file. Then it will run.

        • Vineet Dhanawat

          Anyways deal is over now i guess. You tried after 31st right?

  • Andrei

    Thanks! It worked on my SGS 2

  • Sharad Khandelwal

    Worked for me too!!! Thanks…

  • Anonymous

    Works like a charm!   I did temporarily change my password to something else, and removed the app afterwords just in case though.

  • Nascar Smoke

    Worked fine for me

  • Leron Tonge

    it works HTC DESIRE HD (^_^)

  • Leigh Walker

    Still working… Nexus S

  • Jayhad

    After download and entering my email & password.. I’m getting a “login error” notification .. any advise?! Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Well, it worked fine. I changed my password and installed the app by browsing through a file manager. It ran when selected that way. It was quick and easy and I was allowed to give free 50GB accounts to users on my domain as well.

  • Jathan Lane

    it still works! hurry!

  • sighhhh

    i hope it will still work by friday. getting a new phone! ahh. hopefully someone can confirm that later on this week! :)