Google Launches Flipboard Killer, “Currents” Now Available In The Android Market (Video)

A while back we reported on the news of a new social news reader created by Google that would rival Flipboard. Currents looks to be that rival and unlike Flipboard it works on both Android and iOS devices. This app and service boasts over 150 publishing partners and offers full-length articles from folks like CNET, AllThingsD, Forbes, PBS, Huffington Post and more.

What’s nice is that content is optimized for smartphones and tablets that allow you to navigate intuitively through words and pictures. You can do this even while being offline and on large or small screens alike. You can choose which publications you want to subscribe to for the great price of free.   You can add RSS, photo and video feeds, Google+ streams of the public variety, and Google Reader subscriptions that you’re already reading. There’s a trending tab to discover content that relates to what matches your taste.

Along with Google Currents, Google is going to be launching a self-service platform (See image below) for publishers. This will give publishers a lot of flexibility with design, branding and customizing their web content. Google’s example of this was:

“If you’re a small regional news outlet, a non-profit organization without access to a mobile development team, or a national TV network with web content, you can effortlessly create hands-on digital publications for Google Currents.”


Google knew that great content needed a great audience, so they fully integrated Currents with Google+ so that articles or videos they’ve enjoyed can be shared easily with their circles. You can, as a publisher, associate your account with Google Analytics in order to increase your awareness of your consumers’ content preferences, device use and distribution geographically.
Google Currents is now available for download in the Android Market (link provided below)  Whether you’re a reader or a publisher, we hope that Google Currents helps you easily experience the best content on the web. Try it here now and stay tuned for more to come.


About the Author: Jack Holt

Jack is a tech enthusiast who is surviving small-town Wyoming. He's a newspaper editor by trade and a blogger for fun. His phone of choice is the Galaxy Note 4 and when he's not tinkering on that, he can be found researching new tech and wondering if his wallet can sustain a new tech purchase. When he's not in front of a computer, he's out in the mountains with his dog exploring the wilderness.

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