Galaxy Nexus Delayed Due To Verizon Violating Spectrum Rules In Google Negotiation?

And morsels of speculation for the Galaxy Nexus just continue to poor in like flash floods.  According to a post by the National Journal, it’s possible that Verizon Wireless violated a spectrum policy on the C-block deal from several years ago.  So, what was the violation?  It looks like Verizon violated the policy when the company asked Google not to include the Google Wallet application on its Galaxy Nexus device because it stood in direct competition with another mobile payment app they support, ISIS.  According to Matt Wood, a Free Press attorney, Verizon may have caused the violation against the federal requirement since it was forbidden to not deny, limit or restrict the ability for consumers to use handsets and applications of their choice while on Vz’s network.  If you’ll recall, the FCC added the rule to a spectrum license when Verizon purchased the C Block of spectrum several years ago.

“We think this could very well be a violation of the C-block conditions,”…  “When you have a powerful network operator, it can wield a lot of influence. But Google Wallet should be allowed to compete with Verizon.”

Verizon was quick to defend its take on the decision and stated that it was not aiming to “block” the application but instead noted that Google Wallet operated in an unusual way and also stated that it was still discussing matters with the search giant as we speak.

Big Red stated:

 “Google Wallet does not simply access the operating system and basic hardware of our phones like thousands of other applications”    “Instead, in order to work as architected by Google, Google Wallet needs to be integrated into a new, secure, and proprietary hardware element in our phones.”

So what does all of this have to do with the Galaxy Nexus?  Well, we’re putting two and two together and speculating this could be the reason for the major delay in launching the latest flagship.  We know you guys are super anxious for the device to finally hit the market.  However, if Google and Verizon don’t sort this out soon the fate of the G-Nex is up in the air.  Keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned to Talk Android as we’re on standby and digging deep for the latest scoop on anything Galaxy Nexus related.  Feel free to chime in and leave a comment below should you want to rant.  My guess is that both Verizon and Google don’t want to see this drawn out any longer than it needs to be and will work hard to release this device soon.

[via National Journal]


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  • Anonymous

    I hate you, Verizon. I hate you.

  • Josh Fowler

    Oh. My. God. Wow. Haha. This actually explains the weird phrasing Verizon used to explain the way they’re blocking-but-not-calling-it-blocking Google Wallet. Maybe a suit is about to be filed? Haha. I’d laugh my ass off if Google sued Verizon over this.

    • Anonymous

      If your right (which I’m about 60% sure you are) then this is a massive lawsuit. BILLIONS of dollars are at stake here if NFC smartphones become the new credit cards. VZW’s wordage reminds me of when my teachers went on a “work stoppage” instead of a strike because its against the law for teachers to strike.

  • Anonymous

    This actually makes total sense. And terrible business.

    Verizon CFO: Hey whats the best way to stop google wallet so we can be more profitable with ISIS?

    Verizon CEO: Lets buy the rights to googles flagship phone then not sell it so neither of us make any money!

    Verizon CFO: What a great idea! When does ISIS launch again?

    Verizon CEO: In 2014 when we can equip it to the outdated Nexus.

    Both morons together: Great idea!

    Verizon Customers: JESUS *&$^@$ CHRIST!

    MY humble opinion: *Why the hell is anyone holding onto verizon stocks right now? Drop that shit and I bet they push this phone out a month ago.*

  • Fritz Freund

    I agree with htowngtr… I hate Verizon… 

    Google should punish them and release it on another network first instead. (ATT or Sprint…???)  Screw Verizon.

  • anon

    Thats it, give it to Verizon!  Uh, wait a second, can I have my phone already?  Hope this isn’t a hardware issue.  If it is, then it will even be difficult for me, a super fan of stock android, to buy yesterday’s hardware.  They have got to start releasing Nexus devices in the spring when all the fancy new hardware upgrades are available.  Before you know it the blogs will be filled with quad core phones with 12 megapixel cameras and sd card slots, running ice cream sandwich with better displays.  Sure, the os will be fubared by os changes that will rarely be updated, but it isn’t always easy to look past the flashy lights in front of my face to see a future of slow to no Android updates.

  • Kooskoos

    Its funny that there is a google wallet ad right next to this

  • Curt

    2 + 2 = Play favorites so Motorola can sell more Razrs.

    Bone headed move by Verizon. Cause enough delays so Motorola can sell more Razrs. Guess what… true to Motorola form, the report of Razrs blowing out their SIM card are surfacing….. didn’t the Bionic have a problem blowing out SIM cards too? Guess Motorola has not figured out how to do lessons learned on each release of hardware to make sure that they do not keep doing the same mistakes on the release of different phones.

    and if I remember right, the Nexus for ATT just passed through the FCC….. now when do they get to start selling it?

    Verizon doesn’t have the Nexus exclusive forever….. My guess is that they have the exclusive until the end of the year, so ATT will drop the Nexus on their customers sometime in January. Which means Verizon will wait until after Christmas before dropping their Nexus on the customers……

    Which means that they will try to push more Razrs on people for Christmas…… as a present to Motorola

    All the while they are playing Grinch to their loyal customers…. which they do not give a rats ass about

    • Anonymous

      This loyal customer isn’t so loyal anymore. I’m not grandfathered to unlimited plan, and honestly VZW is only my carrier because i started out on a family plan. By next contract I’ll be married and off that plan, so its highly likely that I’ll drop VZW after regardless of how well they handle this launch here on out. (P.S. VZW dropped the ball on getting the GSII as well)

  • Kayjay45

    T-mobile woulda marketed the HELL outta this phone!!!

    • Aaron Burke

      You mean like they marketed the Nexus One? Or the Nexus S? Unless it’s branded the “MyTouch Nexus”, T-Mobile’s marketing won’t touch it.

      • john brown

        the nexus one and nexus s were not t-mobile phones.

        • Nick


  • Anonymous

    They blocked the built in tethering functionality of Froyo. Isn’t that another violation?

    • PSU_DI

      I does, but it is trumped by the network security clause. Since unautherized tethering can have a serious impact on the network. Verizon is legally allowed to prevent such access.

      • Anonymous

        If I want to check my email on my laptop twice a year and already pay for unlimited data, this would have no impact on the network and should be allowed.

        • Droosh_is_a_douche

          Believe it or not, there are millions of people who will use tethering for more than just checking their email twice a year. Millions of people will root their phones, and tether for absolutely free, which is  illegal, and can be a major drain on their network.

          Verizon had every right block the tethering, I dont see you throwing down millions of dollars for cell phone towers, and network maintenance.

          Once you do, maybe then you would realize why they didn’t want tons of people stealing their bandwidth.

          • Steven Roy

            That was true before they went to tiered data plans. Now that argument no longer holds water. RELEASE THE TETHERING!

        • Anonymous

          While I think most people would agree with you in principle (VZW included), the law disagrees.

  • DeadPhoneWaiting4NewOne

    Personally, I would like to not have Google Wallet, Verizon bloatware, ISIS, or any other non-essential apps preinstalled. I will install what I want to install. And I will never use my phone to store credit card(s), Banking information, etc, to allow someone to be able to hack into, steal, etc., critical information.

    And if 4gLTE is an issue, wouldn’t all other current 4gLTE devices have issues?

  • DeadPhoneWaiting4NewOne

    My Verizon store confirmed they have them, but are not sure if they can sell them on Friday. Told me Best Buy has them and are scheduled to sell. Said to call tomorrow (Thursday) and they would know for sure if they go on sale Friday.

    • Anonymous

      did you call? they probably said they dont know :(

  • preachJESUS!

    This is LOL.

    • DeadPhoneWaiting4NewOne


  • Bryan McGuire

    I have a prediction that Duke Nukem Forever will have had a shorter development/release schedule than the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, when things are said and done.

  • Nealstout

    This pretty much says that Verizon understands that ISIS is not a good as Wallet doesn’t it?