Vodafone Acknowledges Galaxy S II GPS Bug Caused by Recent Android 2.3.3 Update

Recently, Vodafone acknowledged complaints from many Samsung Galaxy S II owners who claim to be experiencing GPS problems ever since the most recent firmware update was issued. Reports are showing that GPS services are now taking extremely too long to lock on to a usable signal and sometimes wont even lock on at all.

Thankfully, Vodafone stepped up to the plate and agreed that the latest Android 2.3.3 update was the culprit and says, “We’re aware that some Vodafone customers are experiencing a slow GPS lock on their device following the recent software update,” and continued with “We’re investigating the cause with Samsung and will provide an update on timings for a fix as soon as we have more information. In the meantime, customers should still able to use location services as normal once their device has locked onto the GPS connection.”

Too bad part of the complaint was that sometimes the phone would not receive a GPS signal at all, no matter how long they waited. I guess at least somebody is aware of the issue and plans are in motion to devise a fix. Here’s hoping it doesn’t take too long, it must be a bummer having such a sweet device that all of the sudden gets crippled by a the carriers official Android update. Sound off in the comments below if you were one of the folks effected by the bug.

[via Vodafone forums]


  • Simon

    That’s not the only problem with my SGSII. I’ve been into Vodafone twice complaining of dropped data connections and ye olde ‘switch into flight mode mid call’.

    Not to mention the absolutely appalling battery since the upgrade. I can’t even get 12 hours on the thing.

    They don’t know how to fix it.

    Here’s an idea – why not just give us the standard 2.3.5 update. Vodafone don’t change the iPhone iOS, so why change the android platform? Stop f*cuking with your customers!

    • Tomhoward

      So true, why do they insist on hacking up old builds and calling them an “update”.