HTC Rezound has Sound Issues Through Headphones (iBeats Too)

HTC Rezound with Beats Audio

Chalk this up as coincidence, as irony, or as yet another Verizon phone being buggy, but it appears that the HTC Rezound is having sound issues. Android forums all over the internet are a buzz with users that are complaining of a static sound or some sort of interference when headphones are plugged in. Readers over at Droid Life are also having this issue.

The Static issue can be replicated with both streaming and internally stored audio leading others to believe this isn’t Beats Audio related. Some believe that it has something to do with the 4G radio while others have been able to replicate the issue regardless of which radio is active. I have personally been able replicate it on my co-worker’s Rezound and we are in a non-4G area. So at this point I have no idea what the issue is.

Some folks are lucky and don’t have this issue, or it just hasn’t come up yet. Given the other phones either on or coming to their network, the Bionic (the whine and signal issues) and Galaxy Nexus (volume rocker issue) are having bugs of their own, Verizon doesn’t need another flagship phone giving them issues. What about you guys out there with Rezounds? Are you having these issues?


[via Droid Life]

About the Author: Jack Holt

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  • Anonymous

    YUp, and I got mine on Launch. I didnt really notice it until some came forward with the issue. There is a Thread that was started a couple of weeks ago on XDA as well….just incase u wanted to know. This is great that the blogs are posting about this, maybe Verizon will notice there really is an issue here

    • Jack Holt

      Thank you, if you know the link to the forum post, that would be awesome. I almost went with a Rezound but I stuck with the Razr. So far no issues :)

  • Total Creation

    strange… I don’t have this and I listen to it constantly..

  • Nrage23

    No issues with mine.

  • Mark Seven

    No issues here…

  • Ben Lambert

    No issues here

  • Crow

    It’s happening on my phone.

  • Wilson

    Yes I have this issue. Didn’t notice until I turned volume all the way down. Horrible with IBeats headphones.

  • Thisisnotjack


  • mike

    I bought this phone just because all I do is listen to music. now listening to music ends up pissin me off. I’ve had 3 rezounds they all have it.