Verizon Planned To Sell Galaxy Nexus On Black Friday For $199, Says Oops– Just Kidding!

We know that Verizon just likes to keep everyone in suspense. Sadly it was reported earlier this week the Galaxy Nexus would indeed be pushed back for release on December 8th, but we have an interesting new finding that’s sure to raise an eyebrow or two. There are numerous indications that the phone should have been released today. Don’t believe us? Check this out: a variety of ads part of a specific campaign are running on different websites part of the NetShelter ad network. The details of the ad highlight the phone’s availability on Black Friday for $199 on a 2-year contract– $100 less than the expected price. Here’s the kicker: Verizon runs most of their major marketing campaigns through NetShelter, so it’s not a gimmick or fake. One can only wonder why Verizon chose not to release the phone today. Maybe they want to do the whole global launch thing for North America? Maybe.

[via Droid Life]

About the Author: Roy Alugbue

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  • Curt

    Nope.. .Motorola put pressure on Verizon NOT to RELEASE the NEXUS until LATER because they want more sales for the Razr…. which is NOT getting as many sales as they hoped.

  • Turboshane

    What about the Droid 4?

  • Curt

    The Droid 4 has not been released yet. Verizon has to release the Nexus at some point, and the Droid 4  (slider phone) is not a competitor with the Nexus.

    the Razr was a bust sales wise. Yes they sold a lot of them, but no where near the sales of the Droid X. The X went to back order within 4 hours of the selling start time, and no other Android phone on Verizon has done the same thing. It might be because Motorola had more phones shipped before the presale started, but I doubt it. They make only so many phones to start and production continues until the sales reach a certain level, then they discontinue it. The Samsung Nexus could be the next home run phone for Verizon.

    The arrogance of the heads of Verizon is too funny. They never come out with announcements on when something will go on sale. I have signed up for the email notifications for the Droid X, the Bionic, the Razr and the Nexus. For everything but the Nexus (which has no announced date yet), the email came in 24 hours before release or presale date/time.

    Samsung has already come out and said it was up to Verizon on when the release date/price will happen. That was a month ago. That tells me that the phones are in the pipeline, and Verizon is just delaying the sales. Why would they delay the sales on a phone that could sell out quickly? Just to appease another manufacturer is the only reason. The leak of a ‘problem’ is pure bullshit. They did not specify what the problem was.

    It comes down to, if Verizon did not have an exclusive for the Nexus, we would have seen it out already. But since no other US carrier has it for now, Verizon can delay the launch/release of the Nexus. Stupid business decision in my opinion.

    Yes I am going to buy the Nexus when it comes out. That is the phone I want, and I have a Droid X that works perfectly (almost) right now, so I can wait. I don’t want the Razr with the ‘promise’ of ICS 1st quarter of 2012, which means late 2nd quarter because they will have to make sure that Motorola’s ‘blur’ works fine. I don’t want blur. There are a couple of widgets that I like in blur (News Reader widgets), but I can live without them. I want a phone that is pure Android