GPS Fix for Samsung Galaxy S phones

Samsung Captivate (Galaxy S) Now Available From AT&T

Do you have a Galaxy S phone? Do you have GPS issues? Well, you’re not alone. In fact, Samsung has heard the pleas for a fix, and may be releasing something to remedy the problems in a coming OTA update… but until then, why not take matters into your own hands?

The brilliant minds over at xda-forums have come up with a fix for you and your GPS-crippled device. It doesn’t seem that hard, as long as you take a few deep breaths and embrace your inner geek. If you want to take a crack at it, check out the thread here.

If any of our Galaxy S users out there are having GPS trouble and take crack at this fix, let us know the results in the comments below!

[via xda-developers]

  • L Song348

    I posted this on CNET and I’m posting it here also.

    I got my Samsung Galaxy S phone (AT&T Captivate) 2 days ago had this problem. The problem seem to be in how AT&T programmed some settings in the phone, not the phone itself. I got the problem fixed by doing the following.

    Step 1. Go to ‘Settings’, choose ‘Location & Security’, uncheck “Use Wireless Networks”.
    Step 2. Open the dialer (the green phone button) and enter the following: *#*#1472365#*#* . Doing this will get you to a menu which allows you to change the default GPS setting programmed by AT&T.
    ?Step 3 In the LbsTestMode menue, go to ‘SUPL/CP Settings’ and change the ‘SUPL Secure Socket’ to OFF. (This alone seem to improve the speed of GPS locking.)
    Step 4 In the LBSTestMode menu, find ?SUPL/CP Settings? and change the SERVER & PORT to and port 7276 (DO NOT use www. in front of supl !) => I’m not sure if this really did anything. This was commonly suggested by other people who claimed that this fixed the problem. It looks like the original default setting which uses SERVER ‘’ and PORT ‘7275’ seem to work fine or choosing the ‘Server FQDN Type’ to Auto Config seem to work also. I personally believe that all three works fine. You can try to play with this setting.
    Step 5 In the LBSTestMode menu, find ‘Application Settings’ and Change the Operation Mode to MS Based. This allows the phone to use combination of GPS signal and location data from network instead of GPS only. This should help to speed up locking.
    Step 6. Turn off the phone and reboot the phone.
    Step 7 Go to settings > Location & Security. Re Check the box next to “Use Wireless Networks”

    With all of the above, my phone sees more satellites, locks quickly, and looks very accurate. Google MAP, Google Earth, and Google Navigation all worked fine even when I was driving in my car.

  • Halogoth

    ATT waived the restocking fee when I returned my Captivate. Luckily, I already tried all the available “fixes” before my 30 days was up. Because none of them truly work, and the fact that Samsung has only promised to “optimize” the GPS, I recommend all those with this phone to return it immediately. Don’t get stuck with this device if you can help it, unless you have no use for GPS, email, and files with long file extensions. If Samsung actually gets the GPS to a usable state, I would consider purchasing the Captivate again, as, other than the GPS issue, it seems like a nice phone.

  • curse

    “unless you have no use for GPS, email, and files with long file extensions.”
    So… the GPS is getting fixed, I haven’t heard about any email problems and NO ONE have use for 16 character file extensions, file extensions are usually 2-4 characters.

  • chute55

    I changed the settings after returning my galaxy s and getting a replacement and it works fine now the gps on the original diddnt work at all after about a week of it working and it diddnt work on the replacement either until now im on tmobile in the uk

  • Dan

    I tend to agree with Halogoth, the gps on this device is crap and was obviously never really tested. Shame on Samsung. Unless a real fix appears soon I’ll be returning my phone…
    The above posting of L Song348 seems to work because it uses wireless networks to obtain position information, unless I have this option enabled I cannot get a fix.

  • dianne stemp

    to whom it may concern i also have galaxy s 19OO,had it first day tried everything ,found gps didnt go also other maps were broken up,complained to optus who is my carrier in australia,in the end they sent it away after week still dont have phone,and unable to find out problem,asked for replacement,as i had faulty phone,was told they wouldnt replace phone.very unhappy as my phone was only two weeks old,what a rip off. even with wireless it didnt work.
    dianne australia

  • carl

    i live in Quebec Canada,and Bell is my provider.Ive tried the above fix but looks like its locked,just cant acces the next menu after dialing the numbers and send.T have the best results when i go outside and remove the rubber casing of my phone unless it just wont connect to satellites…get some readings below 40% on 6-7 sats (using GPS test plus)

  • carl

    ive tried this one… *#3214789650# and it worked…

  • brucethebrat

    I have theSGH-T959D from Telus (Canada). The above fix seems to have worked. My navigation now works. Thanks.

  • Daniel Campbell

    The top fix worked for me on the Canada Bell Network.

    Thanks a lot.


  • Adam

    The fix worked for me, but it only seems to get as accurate as 4000m. Could be my location? havn’t tried it outside of home yet

  • Lindsey

    I also have the SGH-1959D from Telus (Canada) I took this *#3214789650# and applied it to the fix provided by

    L Song348 Says:
    August 4th, 2010 at 12:30 pm

    And already I”m seeing results, I’m no longer in the middle of the mountains in no where land, but in fact sitting at my desk at work.

    I hope this continues to work. I bought this phone for the GPS ( I guess I should have read more reviews) for the Geocahcing apps that require it!

    Thanks for all the help!!!

  • Bruno

    Yes, it works, but it’s not a really good change..

  • Bart

    The fix works perfect for me :)

  • Gokul

    this was an excellent thread.. i wasnt using my GPS since june 2010 and this helped me get a clutch on the settings. thanks to all those who posted abt the ‘SUPL/CP Settings’ in the LBSTestLab menu. i just changed the setting to ‘auto config’ and it was through. i dint set anything else in any other option in this menu.. hope you all have a good time with your positions :) thanks again..

  • Peter

    Thanks everyone! I love my Galaxy but was getting perturbed at not being able to use the GPS function. After following these steps I now am even getting a fast lock INDOORS when I couldn’t even get a lock outdoors before. AWESOME!! Thanks again!

  • sober

    Wouldnt work for my galaxy s GT19000

  • venget

    i got som prob in gps.plz help me to fix it..i followed the steps as u mentioned Step 1. Go to ‘Settings’, choose ‘Location & Security’, uncheck “Use Wireless Networks”.
    Step 2. Open the dialer (the green phone button) and enter the following: *#*#1472365#*#* . Doing this will get you to a menu which allows you to change the default GPS setting programmed by AT&T.

    after dialing that number am not getting any new menu..after pressing the last *symbol the numbers disapears from the screen..plz help me guys…

  • Martin G

    Exactly the same than venget, the number of lsong is rejected….

  • Pckles

    After dialing *#*#1472365#*#* nothing hapens.  No menu appears, the dialer just clears the numbers waiting for a new number sequence.
    Fix doe not work.

  • Write2mebw

    I love my Galaxy S but it keeps cutting off GPS completely and I have to take the damn thing back to the shop – what bugs me is that if they knew there was a problem why don’t they tell us and get it fixed !! Will have a crack at your fix – not much of a geek @ 70yrs I am hanging on to new techno by my finger tips – will let you know how I get on.