Google Music 4.0.1, built for Ice Cream Sandwich – Get it now [Download]

A build of Google Music, specifically 4.0.1, has been leaked from a “lost Nexus Prime.” While the back story is no doubt shady and convuluted, let’s just skip ahead to the updated app shall we?

The latest version of Google Music has a revamped interface, more options, better controls, and overall more polish. You’ll likely notice a few subtle movements that have proven to utilize space more efficiently. Some of the bigger differences are the inclusion of a search key (Ice Cream Sandwich has no dedicated hardware search key) as well as more options and details on tracks currently playing.

You may encounter an error when trying to install the APK. If so, it is likely that you need to uninstall the Music app you currently have. After which the install should work.

To uninstall the Music App:
Go to settings, applications, scroll to the music app and uninstall.

More screenshots and download just past the break.

Download the Music 4.0.1 APK.

[via androidpolice]

About the Author: Jim Farmer

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  • cdes

    cant install new one…and its not possible to uninstall the old music app, just the updates….

    any suggestions?

  • Jonboy

    Lol, Mt. Eden is such crap dubstep!

  • BM

    Its not working on my nexus one !!
    Does this require root?

  • Gs2

    @cdes this app is for Google Music, the beta staged music web application by google, not the native android music application. Thus, you can’t uninstall the native app, and a access to Google Music is required to get the most out of the GM app

  • hzd

    Its alright better layout but there are no lock screen controls so its pritty useless as an update for now as it lacks those controls to use without having to unlock your phone everytime you want to switch track ( running 2.3.4 cognition rom)

  • Cabana

    It works well for me, it wud be nyc if videos playing was integrated into the music player.

  • BM

    Can someone please answer my question!!
    Do you need to root for this!!
    Cus its not working on my nexus one!
    And mine isnt rooted!!

  • Adam

    No root needed….uninstall the old version if you have it.

  • Jim Farmer

    You may also need to allow unknown sources.However, be forewarned that some carriers make that a somewhat daunting task.