Modding Your Droid X May Brick Your Phone.. or Not

I’m sure we all love the internet and how it can be a wonderful shining beacon providing access to information as soon as it leaves the horses mouth. The down side to this is how much a rumor can propagate without having reliable evidence to back it up. Everyone loves to talk about something controversial, and the rule of “if you repeat something enough, it must be true” tends to apply online more than anywhere else.

Today a number of people are up in arms because of a hint that Motorola may have implemented a piece of technology that will brick your shiny new Droid X should you be bold enough to mod it. The speculation is that the e-fuse feature is used to lock the bootloader and leave your phone inoperable if you tamper with it.

Boy Genius Report reminds us that the same technology is also present on other Moto phones, including the original Droid and the Milestone. Of course, until people start diving in and attempting to mod the Droid X there isn’t any evidence to say what will happen. I certainly wouldn’t get angry at Motorola (as some already appear to be) before we see some bricked phones in the wild.

[via: Gizmodo]