DROID Prime will replace DROID Charge and HTC Vigor could be the Thunderbolt 2

Well here is something really interesting from Android Forum user Mannequins. He works at Best Buy Mobile, and was able to snap a picture of the above document from a Verizon Rep. It shows phones that will be released over the next three months, and next to each device is the phone it will be replacing.

The last phone on the list is the “Sam Prime” as in Samsung Prime which replaces the Charge. We all know the rumors of the Nexus Prime coming to Verizon and possibly being called the DROID Prime. Now it’s not listed as the DROID Prime, but if it’s replacing another DROID phone, wouldn’t it make sense to be a DROID phone as well? Of course with the Prime name there is no connection to the Charge, but I would think Verizon wants to have a certain number of DROID phones in the system, and if the Charge goes away, another must take its place.

It makes sense because the model of this phone is SCH-I515. The DROID Charge is SCH-I510. This is all speculation, but i believe SCH-I515 will be called the DROID Prime as rumored, but I still don’t think it will be a true Nexus device. I hope I am wrong.

Next up is the Thunderbolt 2 which, of course, replaces the original Thunderbolt. We all know the HTC Vigor is coming soon as it just passed through the FCC. It should launch within six to eight weeks from the FCC certification, which would be the end of October to early November. Vigor is most likely a code name, and it will be marketed as the Thunderbolt 2 which makes perfect sense.

It should be noted that the Stratosphere is misspelled, but I still think the document is legit.

[via android forums]

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    Really, you don’t know the difference between PAST and PASSED? You’re a writer…it should be PASSED through.

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    Is it just me or does the type font look to be a bit darker and more bold? I hope this is truly real! I want that damn phone! :-)