Verizon hoping the HTC Bliss will be a charmer with the ladies, bluetooth charm sold seperately

Since the dawn of the original Motorola Droid, Verizon’s commercialization of the Droid name has always been blatantly surging with testosterone. Now however, teaming up with HTC, it seems Verizon wants to target its female customers directly with the HTC Bliss. The Bliss looks to be a mid-range phone, as evidenced by recent gossip of it sporting an 800Mhz processor designed by Qualcomm; more than likely the MSM7630, supported by the Adreno 205 GPU.  What it may lack in processor strength, it makes up for with good looks, featuring Gingerbread 2.3.4 as well as possibly HTC’s Sense UI version 3.5.

As mentioned in our previous article, you can expect some unique features for the Bliss, including a gel-coat back, shopping and calorie counting apps factory installed, and maybe even multiple colors to choose from.  Verizon and HTC are also readying the accessories for this one. I have to say, the things they have planned are refreshingly different. For instance, a wireless charge dock with speakers is in the works, as well as a special Bluetooth enabled phone charm that lights up for notifications; pretty nifty.

So Ladies, does this phone entice you? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

[via pocketnow]

About the Author: Jim Farmer

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  • Amanda

    Shopping and calorie counting apps pre-installed? Why don’t they go ahead and add a few knitting, cooking, and cleaning apps while they’re at it. And maybe an app to help decorate the kitchen….no. this phone does not sound appealing at all. I’d rather have a “”male” phone and not be stereotyped. I don’t like the idea of phone charms either. Now the wireless charging dock with speakers sounds cool. I would use that, if they made it for a male phone.

  • Jody

    I’m with Amanda. I find this phone offensive. Frankly, I WANT a phone that’s a beast, not a little priss. I can see the charms being a good angle for the younger tween/teen girls. I, however, as an attorney in her mid-30s, would be embarrassed to use such a phone in front of a client or colleague.

  • technomom

    Depends. Can I root it? Can I install Cyanogen 7 on it?

    If not, then I’m not interested.

    And yes, I’m female.

  • Renae

    I have no problem being a stereotypical female in many respects, but I still want a high-end phone. And if there were knitting, cooking, and kitchen-decorating apps preinstalled, I would probably use them. I would probably use the calorie-counting app and a shopping app, as well.

    But no, I would not trade down my 1.5-year-old Nexus One for this. I am more than capable of installing lady apps on my own.

  • Jim Farmer

    It’s refreshing to see that the android user base, regardless of gender, seems to prioritize specs and power in the selection of phones over aesthetics, accessories, and let’s face it, bloatware, when selecting phones.

    Thanks for your comments, I appreciate hearing from you all :)

  • François-Marie Arouet

    I personally think this is a great idea. Like women need to use phones anyway. And this phone not only is the basic phone but it has great built in functions that women need, such as a calorie counter (What better way is there to hint that they need to start?) and other apps to assist them in their Sammich Engineering. Plus there will be tons of “cute” little expensive accessories to keep them happy and not noticing that you installed a app on the phone to alert you when they leave the kitchen.

  • Jasmine

    I have to agree with Amanda, as well. Are the people at HTC hinting that as women we should be cooking or counting how many calories we eat a day and not be interested in the processor strength or other phone specifications other than how “pretty” it looks? What is this, the 1950s? If I want a certain color for my phone, I will get a color case. If I wanted certain apps on how to cook or clean or whatever, I will download them myself. I do not need HTC telling me that since I am a female, they know the best type of phone for me…

  • Vicki

    Wow (gush!) does it come in Pink?!

    Count me with Amanda and Jody. My Android phone has no gender and requires no gender. Just give me a smart, capable phone with good battery life, plenty of RAM, and a nice screen (waiting for the Bionic here!). If I want a shopping app or a gel coat, I know where to buy those.

    Good grief!

  • Laki

    This is the dumbest idea. Really?? Would this phone also tell me when to iron my man’s clothes and give me cooking tips??O_o Just give me a Phone that kicks ass in power.. I’m surprised they didn’t put an ovulation app on it too. A phone charm too??!! COME ON!!!!!

  • Jim Farmer


    Actually Yes!
    It looks like it may come in Pink! As well as bright blue and yellow :P

  • Seven2Seven8

    I am actually really intrigued. I’ve been using my Eris for about 18 months now and I’ve been underwhelmed by the replacement offerings of late. I don’t really use a shopping app, but I swear by my calorie counter (I’m not even a crazy diet freak – just working on mindful eating and this encourages better choices in that regard). Honestly, I love my Droid phone, and I want something that doesn’t cost $300 and looks nice. This might fight the bill (plus, it has to be faster than a phone that came out in 2009). Love the speaker doc, the pale green color, and the idea of soothing backgrounds. I’m fine with a little less aggression. The fancy bauble? Meh, that I could skip.

  • Seven2Seven8

    *fit (not fight)