T-Mobile G2X OTA Gingerbread Update Rolling Out Now, LG Updater Available As Well

We’ve got some good news for T-Mobile G2X owners.  Confirmed by a T-Mobile representative, the highly anticipated and sought after wait for the Gingerbread 2.3 update is now officially available.  The update began rolling on the 25th (yesterday) and should be hitting devices soon.  If you can’t wait for the update, as our previous article states, you can snag it via a USB connection over at LG’s website utilizing their updater software.  The update is reported to also address a number of bugs with the device along with the ever annoying random reboots, which for me, seem to be occurring more and more frequently.  Well, I’m headed over there now to update my device.  I’ll be back to report my findings and to let you know whether or not the update was successful.  If you’ve managed to grab it already, feel free to let us know how it went in the comments below.  


So far so good.  It’s nice to finally have Gingerbread again (downgraded from Nexus One)  One of the major benefits of the update is since the device lacks a track pad or track ball, the finger tab is a big necessity when trying to position the cursor.  Screen shot below of my device update.

About the Author: Axl Logan

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  • James Stephens

    I upgraded yesterday via LG’s updater.

    Under 2.2 I was getting a lot of reboots but none so far since the update.

    “Up time” is a little over 24 hours (Settings –> About Phone –> Status )

  • Lox

    And my O2X still has froyo. The first dual core phone will be the last dual core phone to get gingerbread.

    It is still slower that my old Hero on many parts and the calls quality really really worst that the calls sous quality of my old HTC Hero.

    Running CM7 atm, it solves all performances issues but the LG radio still forces me to ask all my contact to repeat every two sentences.

  • Joe Sirianni

    As you can see from the updated screen above, the LG Updater worked like a charm. Let’s just hope now the random rebooting stops

  • statmobile

    I noticed that with the LG updater it will wipe out all user data, does the OTA one do the same? I’m not sure how to back up all my stuff, or at least get a list of all the free apps I have installed.

  • http://Lgupdater Dirtybandit

    Tried to update but after installing their software to my computer, and after it checked the usb connection to my phone, it said my phone was up to date. Never install 2.3.