Andy Pad confirms 512mb RAM and additional ‘Andy Pad Pro’ tablet

The Twitter acct @AndyPadUK sure has been busy keeping all of their follower interested by slowly revealing bits and pieces of this yet to be released Android tablet. The company gives small tasty morsels of what we can expect from their offering. They’ve also been fairly tight lipped and careful not to over-share. This, in turn keeps us wanting more. And more is what we have for you today. You can read our earlier articles on the Andy Pad as information has become available here. Hit the break for information revealed through an email from Andy Pad HQ.

Today TalkAndroid received and email from Andy Pad headquarters giving us an update as to what’s been going on. They go on to mention that although they previously said that they were going with 256mb of RAM in the 7″ tablet, they’ve listened to the Android community and decided to bump up the RAM to 512. They were sure to inform us that the price will remain at £129 ($206).  So this tablet running on Android 2.3 Gingerbread, 1080p HDMI, 1.2GHz A8 processor, and WiFi will be budget friendly. Note though, the email goes on to say that this will be a tablet geared toward young adults, teens and kids.

To continue on, they go on to mention an additional tablet:

However, throughout the course of marketing the Andy Pad, a second demographic has paid us extended notice – the tech fans and the bloggers who are forever hooked on the latest devices to hit the market, who have shown us continuous support.
We have decided to release a second Andy Pad, currently codenamed the ‘Andy Pad Pro’ especially for them – which will feature all the features of the Andy Pad, a capacitive screen, a front and rear facing camera and many other additional features to be revealed at a later date.

Just maybe this tablet will appeal to those of us that are more than just young adults, teens and kids. Something a bit more professional would certainly feed the Android addiction here at TalkAndroid. We’d gladly take a unit for a test drive

Remember, only 65 days until the official launch so stay tuned as we continue to bring you the breaking news on the Andy Pad, and Andy Pad Pro. What would you like to see stuffed into this new Andy Pad Pro? Let us know in the comments.

About the Author: Adam Johnson

Adam was born and raised in Florida. Once a grown man traveled around the country working as a contract 3D mechanical designer. Finally settled in Gainesville, FL doing the same work in a permanent position for a global medical device company. His interest in mobile devices started with his Motorola Q9h which sported Windows Mobile 6.1. Unfortunately he was captured by the enemy and owned an iPhone3G for a short while, but that didn't last long through some dealings with the mobile carrier at the time. Finally he found a happy secure place among the Android community, starting with his HTC EVO 4G and hasn't looked back. All during his time with these various smartphones, he's dug deep into them, hacking away to get the best performance he could, all the while making his devices unique. As new Android devices are always on the horizon, he can't say what his next device will be, but he is Android for life, and his passion for all things Google will stand fast.

  • Slugsie

    The Andy Pad is looking like something I could definitely buy for my daughter.

    As for the Andy Pad Pro, put in a GPS receiver, bring it in around £180 and I’m sold without a doubt.

  • Slugsie

    Oh, and if it can act as a USB host that would be superb. Then I could plug my DSLR in, backup the pics, and view them on a larger screen whilst out on a shoot.

  • compulsionstar

    i’m sure this is going to be a great product but these names for these tablets are getting worse and worse. iPad really let the gates open when it used the word pad. However, I love the logo.