6 Of The Coolest Android Applications

twitterdroid.jpgEver since the release of Android SDK developers have been in a frenzy dreaming up and developing all kinds of applications for the Android platform.

Ranging from simple ports of the mobile game Snake, to more complex and challenging applications.

Here’s a small compilation of 6 of the coolest Android applications we’ve come across to date, if you’d like to add any to the list feel free to drop a message in the comments.

6. KudoStar

[singlepic=10,220,140,,right]KudoStar is basically a mobile rating system which allows you to connect your contacts and favourite locations together.

The app then gives people and places either a positive and negative ‘KudoScore’. Using this correlated information KudoStar can tie the data in with other Android devices alongside popular social networking websites.

Facebook’s F8 and Google’s opensocial platforms can be used in order to virally spread the collected data to a multitude of users.


5. City Audioguides

[singlepic=11,128,140,,right]By using the Android framework positioning tools and other technologies the developers City Audioguides are aiming to improve your travel experiences by deliverying relevant audio content information for whatever holiday destination/historical venue or museum you travel to.

“Turning streets into museums and creating an enviroment where it’s easy to learn and share and to get the most out of our travels. This project is based on the belief that access to culture should be freely available to everyone.”

“Bringing museum-like audioguides to a larger scope.”


4. Parallel Kingdom

Parallel Kingdom is one of the first GPS powered Role Playing Game applications developed for Android. Parallel Kingdom uses real world prompts as its basis for the virtual world, giving users the ability to attack, dance, hug or team up with anyone around then.

Parallel Kingdom allows you to mine resources, build buildings, craft items, trade goods, meet new people, found kingdoms, lead wars, and explore the real virtual world around you.


3. TwitterDroid

[singlepic=12,148,140,,right]Twitterdroid is an Android based Twitter client that lets you read and publish your twitters to the online web application.

Current features of TwitterDroid include:

  • Log into any Twitter account and save preferences
  • Display expanded tweets of your friends timeline
  • Post a tweet to your timeline
  • Display a waiting spinner when sending and fetching tweets
  • Refresh the tweet list
  • Catch connection errors and display an alert
  • Use the black theme of Android


2. Metosphere

[singlepic=13,148,180,,right]Metosphere is a simple Android based browser that allows users to view virtual objects and information centred around their location.

Explore virtual objects around your physical location like messages, emergency alerts, news, events, reviews, games.

“The general concept of having virtual objects all around us in the physical world lends itself to some very interesting applications. People are getting accustomed to various virtual worlds out there, so why not have a virtual world that coexists in the same space as the real one?”


1. Elimatta – Location Blogging

[singlepic=14,150,240,,right]Elimatta is simply just a location based blogging tool. The idea behind the application is that people should be able to communicate with other in a shared location – in an adhoc fashion.

Elimatta centers around the basic concept of channels which are specific for a given geographic area, large or small. Channels permit postings, (similar to blog postings), by individuals located within the bounds of the channels geographic active region. Individuals outside the active region are only permitted to view the channel.

the following are usage examples for specific situations:

  • Amateur fishermen in the bay could use a fishing specific channel to notify other fishermen of schools of fish, or maybe just boast their catch of the day with a ‘picture post’.
  • Tourists could use the a landmark specific channel to exchange experiences and make recommendations.
  • A Hiker exploring Yosemite National Park could post a ‘placemark post’ (a post with location metadata attached) with the details of a sick sequoia tree. Park Rangers could then monitor the channel for such information. Network connectivity is not required for post creation as they will sync with the network when next available.


  • http://blog.elimatta.com Craig

    Thanks for the write up guys.

  • http://rekzkarz.com rekz

    TalkAndroid — I for one am psyched about open-source phone OS. Great idea. Lots of room here for dev — I STRONGLY SUGGEST some developers make a password protected user-defined database app (like “ThinkDB” aka “Smart List To Go”, the killer app for Palm) and make that … free & compatible with Notes or Google Docs.

    Anyone remember Hypercard for Mac, back in the day of floppies? What about something like “1000 Blank White Cards” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1000_Blank_White_Cards) except let people share decks of cards, exchange individual cards, etc etc. That would be kinda fun & creative … & viral.

    re: Metosphere — great concept, very much like William Gibson’s “Pattern Recognition” book which had the concept of large 3D art objects living in Virtual Space overlaid on real space, viewable only with certain viewers. This could be great.

    re: TwitterDroid — fearful, I’m fearful

    re: KudoStar — is everyone on the planet going to get a vague unexplained 1-5 star rating? (MY GOD that would suck!)

    re: Parallel Kingdom — I’d like to see people be able to overlay things on things in real life, but I’m not sure we need it to be the violent paradigm of knights and conquering. I suggest you look into the other histories besides the expansion of the West thru force (and drugs, slavery, religion, etc) and find a paradigm that is more … savory?

    PEACE – rekzkarz.com – Ari

  • http://www.dreamworldsol.com Android Application Developer

    TwitterDroid is definitely an AWESOME application.

    Sam Shaw

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    The elimatta link seems to be gone

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    hugar pu huga abar aichoch?

  • http://www.geoffreystevens.com steve h

    I think some genius out there should definately develop a program that will disable the mute button when in a call, or a program that leaves the keyboard active.

  • http://www.wrapware.de wrapware

    Nice apps, but a real cool new-horizon-app is ‘Carll S. Tailor’, which simplifies the call log handling for every user.

    This means Carll remember only the missing calls you haven’t already spoken (means you call or they call you). So you stay perfect in sych … See wrapware.de.