Android In-app Billing will launch next week, developer testing started

Back in January at the Inside Mobile Conference, Google announced plans for In-app Billing, but said it would not be available till the spring. Well spring is here and Eric Chu, of the Android Developer Ecosystem, announced that In-app Billing will launch next week.

To prepare for the launch they are allowing developers to upload their apps that utilize In-app Billing to the Developer Console. They can create a catalog of in-app products and set prices for them. Developers will be able to set up accounts to test in-app purchases. The interaction for these test transactions will be the same exact experience actual users will have next week.

Developers will not be able to publish the apps to users until the full launch of In-app Billing takes place next week.

This is great news for developers as in-app purchases have been available in Apple’s App Store since late 2009 and Blackberry’s App World since late 2010.

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[via android-developers]