[TA Deals] Save 78% on the U-Grip Car Mount for your phone!

A good phone holder or mount for your car can make traveling significantly better, but sometimes it’s tough to find the right choice. Suction cup mounts can leave weird residue on your windshield, and vent mounts can block the AC and can sometimes just be a huge pain to set up. Why not drop a mount in your cup holder instead?

The U-Grip Cup Holder Car Mount sits right into a cup holder, obviously, but then offers a strong, expandable grip for holding onto a phone or tablet. It’ll keep it close to your car charger, too, so you won’t have a huge cable running all over the front of your car while you’re using GPS.

It’s big enough to fit a tablet and has a rotating 360-degree mount, so you’ve got a ton of flexibility for whatever device you’re using. But best of all, through Talk Android Deals you can save 78% off the price of the mount and pick up your own for just $12.99.

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