Samsung completes 7nm manufacturing development six months ahead of schedule

Samsung has completed a pretty big manufacturing milestone, and they’ve done it six months ahead of schedule. The company’s been hard at work developing a 7nm manufacturing process for mobile CPUs, and they’ve officially crossed the finish line and are making it ready for other CPUs to start utilizing.

So what exactly does this mean for you, the end user and reader? Well, it’s a good news for power efficiency and battery life in the future. Smaller processes mean chips simply perform better, and when we shifted to 10nm processors a few years ago, that’s exactly what we saw.

But what processor will actually use this? Well, Qualcomm has reportedly already been in contact with Samsung about getting this ready for the Snapdragon 855, which we’ll likely see in the next year or so. Samsung will also be using this for their own Exynos chips, which we might see in the Galaxy Note 9 but realistically won’t get to taste until next year’s Galaxy S10 or later.

These nitty gritty details and advancements are always under appreciated, but rest assured, it’s going to make for much better phones in the near future.

source: SE Daily
via: Phone Arena

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