Instagram announces 800 million users and a set of new privacy tools

Instagram has announced a brand new set of privacy tools on the heels of reaching a whopping 800 million users that should hopefully make the social media site a bit more friendly for everyone. Once you reach that big of a userbase, keeping everyone safe and comfortable becomes a top priority.

Starting today for all 500 million of IG’s daily users, if you have a public profile you’ll be able to choose who can comment on your posts. You can allow everyone to comment, of course, but you can also limit it to just people you follow or people that follow you. You can also selectively block certain accounts from commenting on your posts, too.

Instagram is also reiterating its stance towards providing mental health resources to its users, including building in an option for users to anonymously report a live broadcast if the broadcaster needs support. They’ll be notified with a message containing resources for helplines and other bits of advice.

It’s not perfect, but there’s no arguing that Instagram wants to make its site a welcoming service for just about everyone.

source: Instagram