LG’s diverse portfolio of smart appliances get Google Assistant capabilities

When a lot of us think of LG, the G6 and new V30 come to mind. Then there’s LG’s exceptional new OLED TVs. Well, the company is a lot bigger than that and they have an expansive portfolio of smart appliances. LG announced today that 87 Wi-Fi appliances, including refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, vacuums, air purifiers, washing machines and dryers, are now compatible with Google Assistant via Google Home, eligible Android smartphones and iOS devices.

LG consumers will now have a lot more options for their connected homes. For example, using a smartphone or Google Home, simple voice commands can tell a refrigerator to make more ice, turn off an oven after cooking, adjust thermostat settings on an air conditioner or even check the air quality level with a connected air purifier. Google Home can also recognize different voices, allowing personalization among family members.

LG’s free SmartThinQ app (for both Android and iOS) will control their entire portfolio of smart appliances. Checking the remaining time on the washing machine or preheating the oven while at the gym will be as easy as making a voice command.

In addition to simply initiating an action, SmartThinQ will actively learn and adapt to usage patterns, helping to predict consumers’ needs. The more they use SmartThinQ, the smarter their appliances will get. For example, an air purifier or refrigerator will alert you to order filter refills.

Song Dae-hyun, LG’s president of their Home Appliance and Air Solution division, said, “Our collaboration with Google is an example of our strategy of Open Partnership, Open Platform and Open Connectivity.”

LG’s Open Partnership expands beyond Google and includes Amazon (and others) to be as versatile as possible for smart home consumers.

Source: LG Electronics

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