Andy Rubin says the Essential Phone should ship in about 30 days

Now we know when you should expect to see the Essential Phone ship in the United States.

Speaking with Walt Mossberg at the Code Conference hosted by¬†Recode, Essential’s Andy Rubin revealed that its first phone should ship in around the next 30 days. Neither Essential nor Rubin would share anything about availability beyond pricing in the hours since the phone’s launch. The overall expectation was that, yes, the Essential Phone would ship in 2017; however, the exact date was kept secret. Finally, after being pressed a bit, Rubin said the device should be ready to ship in late June or early July.

Other topics covered included Essential’s plan to scale, how the company is trying to make itself different in a crowded space, and what the future of consumer technology is going to be like.

Head over to this page to re-watch Rubin’s appearance at the Code Conference 2017.

Source: Recode