Google introduces Project Treble to solve Android update woes

Updates are far and away the biggest concern with Android as a mobile operating system, and anything that’s not a Nexus or Pixel struggles to get the latest version of Android in a timely manner. Some manufacturers are better than others, but there’s almost no device maker that pushes out brand new OS updates within a week of it being publicly available.

There are plenty of things to blame for that, too. Manufacturer skins and apps take time to work with newer updates, and carrier-branded phones also need to be tested with the latest software to guarantee compatibility with their networks. Sometimes it even goes beyond that and falls on the manufacturer of the components of the phone (like the CPU) and if an OEM can’t get updated drivers for their processor in a particular device, they simply can’t update it.

Google has spent years working out a solution to that messy upgrade situation, and their latest attempt is called Project Treble. It’s designed to make Android updates quicker, easier, and less costly to make their way to end users.

The game plan for Treble is to remove the vendor implementation of software from the Android OS framework. There will be a separate layer in between the two, which theoretically should make for a quicker update schedule for a manufacturer like HTC to get their software going without having to worry so much about the underlying hardware.

It’s a bold implementation that should drastically speed up the timeline of Android updates, at least on paper. Google is testing it out in the Android O developer preview on Pixel phones, but all devices running Android O when it’s officially released will be able to take advantage of the new system.

source: Android Developers

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