Samsung is launching Bixby without voice commands for some reason

When Samsung announced the Galaxy S8, they touted two major features; the infinity display, and Bixby, the virtual assistant. What makes Bixby stand out in the sea of other virtual assistants is that it can navigate compatible apps for you without you ever having to touch the screen. Anything that you’d be able to do with your finger, Bixby can handle with voice commands.

It’s really cool, except the phone isn’t actually launching like that.

When the Galaxy S8 launches, you’ll be able to use Bixby Vision, Home, and Reminders, which are the other smaller features that it can do. Vision, for example, will help you identify real world items with your camera. Reminders are pretty self-explanatory and much less exciting.

What’s noticeably absent from that list is voice control, and Samsung has confirmed that won’t be available on the S8 for launch. The voice command features will roll out in the US sometime later in the Spring, so if you’re planning on buying the phone right when it releases, you’ll have to play the waiting game for the rest of the phone’s features.

Obviously this won’t be the first time that a phone has gained features post-launch, but it’s really strange to advertise a major new feature for your phone ahead of time then only launch it with half the functionality.

source: The Verge

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