Twitter Lite arrives to help you save on data

Twitter is a massive platform with smartphone adoption reaching 3.8 billion at the end of 2016. With millions of active users daily, and the ever increasing amount of multimedia being shared across the web and app versions, Twitter can easily consume more data than you may want. Just announced to save the day comes Twitter Lite, which is a version of the mobile web experience that promises to reduce data usage by up to 70%. Let’s see what’s new.

In Twitter’s announcement, courtesy of the GSMA, 45% of mobile connections are still running on 2G networks. This is found especially in emerging markets such as Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Africa. Twitter Lite aims to provide access to all the key features of the platform regardless of network connection or even access to an app store.

As a web based version of Twitter, you can simply navigate to to take advantage of the data saving features starting today. Your regular timeline, direct messages, trending topics, media and notifications will still be present to provide a familiar experience. Twitter Lite has been optimized to provide speed even with slower or unreliable connections while reducing the data used, with the promise of things loading 30% faster than normal. Offline access is also present to allow you to continue to browse your timeline in case you lose your network connection.

Another feature being added is a new data saver that will reduce data usage even more. After you go into your profile settings and enable data saver, any images that appear in tweets will not load unless you tap them. We’ve seen features like this in apps such as WhatsApp so it’s nice to see that here as well. In addition to this, you can easily add Twitter Lite to your homescreen so it looks and acts as if it was an actual app on your device. On Android devices specifically, while using Twitter Lite with Google Chrome, for example, you can even receive push notifications on your device for new tweets and other alerts.

Twitter has also partnered with Vodafone in India to promote Twitter Lite to its 200 million subscribers to bring live updates for Indian Premier League matches and the new cricket season. Head to if you want to check it out!

Source: Twitter

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