HTC’s Ocean will be the HTC U, plans to make some waves in April

We’ve been hearing about the HTC Ocean for a few months now, desperately hoping that it can make up for the fairly disappointing HTC U Ultra. A new report has surfaced that suggests the phone will become official in April, and yes, it should be a pretty big deal.

The Ocean will officially be known as the HTC U (yeah, the name’s awful) and will feature a unique touch-sensitive frame to stand out in a crowded smartphone space. It’ll also pack a Snapdragon 835, so it’s aiming right at Samsung’s inevitable Galaxy S8. It’s also launching with Android 7.1 and will utilize a crisp 5.5-inch 1440p display.

Specs aside, the really exciting part of the HTC U is the frame itself. It will reportedly use multiple sensors embedded in the frame of the device to allow users to interact with the interface. You can swipe, squeeze, and perform other gestures to get around the software, all without touching the screen itself. It seems a little gimmicky, but it could also be one of the more revolutionary things to happen in 2017 if they can do it well.

HTC’s latest and greatest Sense 9 will overlay everything, and you’ll have either 64GB or 128GB internal storage options. The camera will also be slightly upgraded with a newer sensor compared to the HTC U Ultra.

Overall, this sounds like the premium flagship with some killer features that we’ve been wanting from HTC for some time now. Let’s just hope they don’t price it out of the market, as HTC is prone to doing.

source: Venture Beat

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