First TV ad for the LG G6 begins airing just before Samsung’s Galaxy S8 launch

No one will deny that the LG G6 is an impressive phone, but it faces challenges ahead. Google already has a magnificent phone on the market in the Pixel and Samsung’s next flagship is on the verge of being announced. Now, more than ever, it’s vital for LG to promote its latest high-end phone with noticeable (and sensible) advertising. Right out of the gate it seems like the company understands the message needed to emphasize towards consumers around the world.

LG just began airing a television advertisement in the United States and other countries. It focuses exactly on what makes the G6 special and why people will love the phone.

It’s a brief, 30-second clip that starts with a conventional phone getting its top layer taken off to transform into the G6. We then see the G6 master a bunch of situations with its spacious display, water resistance, processing power, and versatile camera. These are exactly the strong points for LG to highlight repeatedly.

Here’s the video:

First TV ad for the LG G6

More interesting here, though, is the timing of this ad’s debut. LG’s biggest competitor is Samsung, and the Galaxy S8 will be unveiled at an Unpacked event tomorrow morning in New York City. All of the hype LG was able to generate will head Samsung’s way in a matter of hours. That’s why ads for the G6 should’ve been airing throughout the entire month instead of starting at the very end. LG once again put itself in a situation where Samsung is going to outspend on promoting a 2017 flagship despite the two devices likely being comparable in all aspects.

Source: LG (YouTube)

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