Movado Group partners with Google for new Android Wear smartwatch collection

A new partnership is giving Google the opportunity for its wearable platform to be accessed on high-end watches, which in turn become smartwatches.

U.S.-based watchmaker Movado Group announced that a new collection of smartwatches powered by Android Wear 2.0 will be released in 2017. The collection, known as Movado Connect, should have five men’s styles starting at $495. The smartwatches will feature customizable dials, access to Android Pay, activity tracking, and always-on displays.

Movado CEO Efraim Grinberg said the following:

“The launch of Movado Connect marks another new milestone in Movado’s longstanding history of creativity and innovation in watch design. We are very proud of our collaboration with Google and for the opportunity to provide customers with an incredibly designed timepiece, powered by the latest, cutting-edge technology platform.”

Neither Movado nor Google shared any images of smartwatches belonging to the collection, but we are expecting that soon. Both companies told us that the entire Movado Connect collection will be unveiled at Baselworld 2017 in Switzerland, which begins on March 23.

This fall, Movado plans on introducing Android Wear-powered collections featuring the Tommy Hilfiger and Hugo Boss brands. So it’ll be a busy year for Movado as it immerses itself in smartwatches.

David Singleton, Google’s Vice President of Android Engineering, expressed excitement over having an iconic brand work with the platform. This is the type of company Google needs to expand Android Wear’s reach to new consumers. Not every traditional watch-buying consumer feels comfortable getting their watch from a technology company. Movado could add a certain level of comfort for buyers of regular watches who’ve been eyeing smartwatches.

About the Author: Justin Herrick

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    Only 55grand for a dimond encrusted watch that you cant get thru a full day without charging where can i get one.