Sprint buys 33% of Tidal, announces big partnership


Tidal has had a pretty bumpy lifespan with only a few blips of relevance here and there. It’s struggled to gain any traction against Spotify, Google, and Apple, which is why we’ve heard so many rumors about other companies potentially buying the struggling music service.

Well, turns out it wasn’t Samsung or Google that stepped up to make the purchase. Nope, instead Sprint has opted to buy 33% of the company in a newly announced partnership between the least consistent carrier in the US and the least relevant music streaming service in the US. It’s a match made in heaven.

Since Sprint is only buying 1/3 of the company, Jay Z will still retain control of the company and will make day-to-day decisions. The collaboration between the two companies will lead to exclusive access to certain content for Sprint customers who are also Tidal subscribers, and Sprint is setting up a marketing fund to help artists get their music out to audiences.

With that being said, this deal has only just happened, so we’ll probably see more concrete promotions come out of this later down the line. Sprint could offer carrier billing for Tidal, discounted subscription rates, early access to select music, or tons of other things. The biggest question is whether that will help Sprint against the other major carriers or if it will help Tidal peel off some subscribers from other streaming services.

source: Sprint

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