200,000 people signed up for DirecTV Now at launch


DirecTV Now ended up being a pretty middling endeavor, in my opinion, but the early numbers say things are looking promising for the internet streaming service. In its first month alone, DTV Now scooped up 200,000 subscribers, and that number doesn’t include people still in their trial period. 100% of that number includes paying customers.

There’s two ways to look at this, though. The first month of anything is always going to be the strongest because of all the buzz surrounding it, and AT&T ran some very aggressive promotions to get DirecTV into people’s homes. The big $60 package is discounted to $35 for a limited time, and they were handing out free streaming boxes (including an Apple TV) for customers who were willing to prepay for several months of service.

I’m sure not all 200,000 customers were gunning for an Apple TV, but I’d bet that helped pad the numbers a little bit. And when they raise the $35 packageĀ back to its default $60 price, new sign-ups are very likely to take a hit. Throw in some extra competition from Sling and PlayStation Vue, and AT&T is really going to have to work on DirecTV Now to keep it as a competitive option for cordcutters.

source: The Verge

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